Kaye:  “It’s going to be ugly with Eric Sprott probably being right that central banks are running on empty.  I think you have to believe that the West is going to be impoverished when the U.S. dollar collapses.  This will have the effect of supercharging the currency wars....

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“The reason this will supercharge the currency wars is because there is no way Europe can survive with the currency considerably stronger than it is right now.  If the euro is surging through the 1.60 level and looking like it’s headed to a 2:1 level, they are going to have to print like mad in Europe.

This printing will take place even if it causes the EU to reconvene and change their charter.  So at that point Europe will have to print like mad just to survive, and basically every other country will have to do the same.  When we get to that point where all the major nations are engaged in a full-blown currency war, particularly with the central banks in the West having very little gold left to continue their suppression scheme, this is when the price of gold and silver are going to skyrocket.

The mainstream media will not report the truth about any of this, so it falls on the shoulders of alternative media such as King World News.  This is the value of the alternative media, at least until the Internet ‘kill switch’ is triggered by the powers that be.

I agree with people you interview such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts that we are on a path that could easily culminate in a major conflict and possibly even World War III.  But in keeping with what we are discussing right now, Dr. Roberts points out that we are also on a path that could accelerate a process that has been underway for quite a while, which is the demise of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  This is one of the major reasons for investors to be positioned in physical gold and silver.”

Eric King:  “What about the move spearheaded by Russia to move away from the U.S. dollar when it comes to transactions taking place in the East?”

Kaye:  “The Russians are obviously serious about this and I think they will succeed.  I also have to believe that there is enormous pressure being applied by the U.S. to keep Saudi Arabia respecting the petrodollar.  But Russia’s action is having the effect of taking another brick out of the wall of support for what is an overvalued and overowned U.S. dollar.

We are really in a situation where there are a lot of fingers in the dike, and you just don’t know which one finger being removed might cause the dike to give way.  But it does look more certain that the end of U.S. dollar hegemony is in sight.  The only questions at this point are:  When does it end, and when does the real panic begin?  Regardless, the demise of the dollar is a certainty in my judgment.”

UPDATE - William Kaye covers the massive short squeeze that is coming in the gold market in his KWN audio interview and much more. This is one of William Kaye’s greatest interviews ever and it is available now.  You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

IMPORTANT - KWN also has many more written interviews being released today and all weekend. 

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