Barron:  “Europe is set up for more trouble because the tragic situation in the PIIG countries is not finished by a long shot.  There are going to have to be some radical undertakings by Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank this summer to stave off trouble again....

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“But eventually the European crisis will accelerate and we will see the breakup of the euro.  No matter what the ECB has done, they can’t seem to improve the job situation in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy.

This is why Europe is set up for another big crisis.  It’s just a matter of time because people don’t have jobs.  They will tolerate this for only so long before they take to the streets again.  KWN readers need to understand that the ECB is getting ready to ramp up the printing presses, but the important thing is that this is going to end very, very badly for Europe.

There is really no way for the West to gracefully exit from its massive and unprecedented problems.  For instance, in the United States, if they raise interest rates they will crash the already fragile economy.  But even worse, they would make the government deficit even worse.  It is only because of the Fed's controlling interest rates that the U.S. has been able to massage that deficit down.

If the interest rates rise in the U.S., you will see incredible problems develop almost immediately.  This is the sort of thing that is confronting all of the countries in the West.  This is why we are seeing a level of global money printing that has never occurred.  This is why the entire global financial system, which hangs in the balance, is in uncharted territory right now.

For the next 12 months the American government will certainly do whatever they can to hold things together, but I think things will start to unravel in Europe.  The bottom line is that countries like Germany, Finland, and Austria can’t support the PIIG countries forever.  This European experiment had a finite shelf life and it is just a question of time before civil unrest begins to destabilize Europe.

It will be very interesting to see what happens with UKIP in the upcoming European Parliament elections.  It appears from the polls that UKIP is going to see a massive surge.  There are also all sorts of secessionist movements taking place.  Venice is talking about leaving Italy.  The province that contains Barcelona in Spain is threatening to leave Spain.  People just don’t want to pay for their underperforming neighbors in the EU.

So the world is in uncharted territory and a crisis could come out of left field.  In fact, a crisis will come out of left field -- I just can’t tell you when.  This will serve as a catalyst for fireworks in the gold market.  People need to act now to protect themselves from the danger the world faces because time is running out.”

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