Greyerz:  “Eric, sadly the potential of a major war is now increasing dramatically.  I would almost say that it’s certain we will either have a major military conflict or a full-blown economic war, which would be just as devastating.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if we have both....

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“The escalation of hostilities in Ukraine can easily lead to a world war as Paul Craig Roberts has been talking about over the last few weeks.  Isn’t it amazing that six months ago nobody talked about Ukraine as a potential catalyst for major conflict?

War and social unrest cycles point to the next few years being full of conflict that will involve human misery in most parts of the world.  Economically the world is in a mess that can only get a lot worse.  We’ve had currency wars for a long time already, but these will intensify.

We are seeing major currencies such as the yen, renminbi, and the ruble weakening.  The U.S. dollar will be the next currency to fall but it will fall fast, and that move is imminent.  The dollar should soon break solidly below the 80 level on the Dollar Index.

The U.S. economy has been sustained by money printing and the fact that the U.S. dollar has managed to retain world reserve currency status.  But you can’t have a reserve currency that has a foundation of tens of trillions of dollars of debt, especially when the debt is increasing exponentially.

Sadly, the weakening dollar is likely to lead to the U.S. getting involved in even more conflicts, both economically and militarily.  This is what happens to all empires before they collapse.  So there will be social unrest as well as major international conflicts.  This will lead to major political changes in many countries.

The world will see extreme parties come into power.  We will be talking about all of these events in the future, and gold will be a very clear barometer of these conflicts.  The escalation of the Ukraine conflict has been the catalyst for gold’s rise in the last couple of days.

The chart below shows what happened to gold over the last few years:

We start by looking at gold from October 2008 to August 2011, when gold went from $680 to $1,920.  That was a stunning 180 percent move higher in just under three years.  This was on top of major percentage gains in gold since the beginning of the decade. 

A lot of people don’t think that gold can move fast in a few months, but just look at what happened in 2011.  Gold was at $1,308 in January 2011.  By the end of August that year gold was $1,920.  That’s a move of 47 percent in just eight months.  So gold moved up more than $600 in just eight months.

That’s the kind of move we could see in 2014.  I could easily see gold moving to over $2,000 and possibly as high as $2,500 as I’ve shown on the chart above.  I believe the gold market is about to start the next major move.  This will be a fast move, in my opinion.

But this move in gold to $2,500 will just be the beginning because the conflicts we are seeing will lead to a skyrocketing gold price.  I believe we will see the beginning of a hyperinflationary depression accompanying gold’s next rise.

Gold could easily rise to $10,000 in that environment, but we could see a lot more zeros after the gold price if the hyperinflation gets out of control.  The bottom line is I think the waiting time is over and the next move higher is imminent and that move will continue for quite a few years before we see any significant top.”

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