Celente:  “The Forex market is rigged, the stock markets are rigged, LIBOR rates are rigged, and the gold market is rigged as well.  Gold is being rigged so it looks weak in order to make currencies look strong....

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“So take, for example, what’s going on in Ukraine right now:  If you lived in Ukraine, would you want to be holding on to their collapsing currency?  Today it is at an all-time low vs. the dollar.  

If you look at what is going on in Ukraine, liquidity is simply non-existent.  Ukraine is also raising their interest rates as their economy collapses.  For example, the overnight loan rate went from 7.5 to 14.5 percent.  This is making an already bad situation in Ukraine much worse. 

But I believe the gold market is being pushed down to support these fiat currencies.  I also believe this pressure on gold will be short-term.  This is all being done to defend the weakening global currencies.  The latest World Gold Council report stated that gold demand in China should increase 20 percent by 2017.  China is already the largest gold-consuming nation, so this trend is only going to continue. 

What we are seeing is an attack on gold coming out of the United States because they want to pretend that there is a recovery.  So they keep bringing out this Goldman Sachs guy every couple of months and he keeps repeating the same bogus propaganda.  I’m sick of hearing from this guy.

It’s the beginning of the week and this shill from Goldman Sachs sends out this notice that Goldman is still looking for gold to hit $1,050.  He is basing this bogus call on a strong recovery in the United States and China.  He writes:  “While further escalation of tensions could support gold prices, we expect a sequential acceleration in both U.S. and Chinese activity, and hence for gold prices to decline.”

Celente continues:  “Hey, Junior, get this in your head:  If there was an acceleration of the economy in China, the Chinese would be buying more physical gold!  That’s what’s keeping the market up to a great extent -- the physical demand.  Second, whose research are you looking at?  If you look at China, they are holding their breath as the property bubble is starting to deflate and import/export numbers continue to decline.

And if you look at the United States, has anybody looked at the earnings coming in from banks and how new mortgage applications are plummeting?  So what kind of growth is this Goldman shill talking about?  Is he talking about consumer growth?  Real incomes have only increased about 2 percent since the Great Recession began about 75 months ago.

So what is this guy talking about?  I’ll tell you what he’s talking about:  Keeping this Ponzi scheme going.  They want to make unsuspecting investors go into the equity markets as record numbers of insiders are dumping their own stock.  So they are downplaying gold to keep the Ponzi scheme going, and to keep the equity markets from collapsing.”

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