Eric King:  “Bill, you brought up a scenario where the gold market would see the one of the largest short squeezes of any market in history.  You also said there would be a force majeure of the COMEX and the entire paper market.  Here’s my question to you:  Because the Western central planners know they need to revalue gold to at least $7,000 in the future, are they are going to break the COMEX at some point on purpose?  As you and I both know, this would have the intentional effect of exploding the price of gold higher.”

Kaye:  “I think that’s the likely outcome, whether it’s on purpose or not.  I have to assume the end game that’s being played out is bigger than the COMEX.  In other words what is at stake here, and the agenda itself, has to be viewed as bigger than the COMEX and the COMEX’s position in trading and controlling the price of precious metals....

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Meaning, unlike 1980, I’m not sure a lot of thought or concern will be given by the powers that be as to the welfare of the COMEX market.  If that is the case, I think it’s doubtful that we would still be seeing the prosecution of this scheme.  From the standpoint of its reputation, obviously the COMEX does not benefit from the exposure of the gold and silver price suppression schemes which have been taking place for a very long period of time.

The use of high frequency trading in the COMEX market and other commodity markets to artificially depress and distort the price of gold and other commodities is just a nasty modern-day variation of London Gold Pool.  The prices being quoted in these markets are artificial and being brought about by manipulation. 

Like the failed London Gold Pool in the Nixon-era, all this has done is undermine public confidence in these markets and also in the COMEX.  I think we have to question if the reputation or the credibility of the COMEX were on the top shelf of the concerns of the powers that be, would these practices be sustained as they are?  The answer to that is absolutely not.”

Eric King:  “Bill, this was a quote from one of Chris Powell’s interviews on King World News:  

“Because the rigging of the gold market and the currency markets is really a bigger national security issue in the eyes of government now than virtually anything else. …The location and disposition of national gold reserves is a secret far more sensitive than the location and disposition of nuclear weapons.  The possession of gold enables the rigging of all markets.  The possession of gold and the control of the gold market and currency markets are far greater mechanisms of power than military mechanisms.

If you can control the currency markets -- and control of those markets depends on control of the gold market -- you can control interest rates.  This essentially means you can control the valuation of all capital, labor, goods, and services in the world -- everything.  That's the real power in the world right now. …That’s why the Fed won’t talk about it -- controlling gold is the primary mechanism of controlling the world.”

Eric King:  “Bill, is what Chris Powell said true?”

Kaye:  “I believe it is and I think Chris makes a good point:  Basically, anything that can be viewed as undermining to central planners, which gold has the potential to do, must be controlled.  When we look at gold and its relationship to the valuation and stability of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, gold would certainly be recognized by the authorities in the U.S. as a financial weapon of mass destruction -- that destruction being the value of the U.S. dollar.

So in that sense I think Chris is correct because the U.S. military might is a function of U.S. financial might, and U.S. financial might is to a large extent based on the continuation of the fraudulent fiat currency known as the federal reserve note.  Now, we have seen in recent years a slow but steady erosion of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, but to date it has still been a slow process.

I think gold has the potential, when it unhinges itself from the grips of the authorities, to put the dollar in great jeopardy.  The likelihood is that gold would be reset much, much higher and would likely go bid-only.  This would have the effect of causing a great panic as to the credibility of the U.S. dollar and Western central bank policies.  In other words, the entire global financial system would be at risk of becoming unglued.

So the point Chris Powell made is backed up by the fact that the authorities are terrified at the prospect of skyrocketing gold prices. As Powell said, ‘Controlling gold is the primary mechanism of controlling the world.’  It therefore stands to reason that the loss of control of the gold market could ultimately lead to the end of U.S. global dominance.  So, Eric, that is what’s at stake here, and standing at the center of all of this is gold.”

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