Eric King:  “When you look at the aggressive actions by the West, and the plan to eventually have missiles in Georgia and Ukraine, and when you add to that the fact that there are already missiles in Poland, it appears the West is trying to encircle Russia with missile bases in preparation for a possible nuclear strike.”

Dr. Roberts:  “Yes, that’s exactly the strategy.  We here in the United States don’t hear any real news about the situation in Ukraine -- we just here the State Department’s lies.  The whole reason for the protests in Ukraine, the whole reason for the coup orchestrated by Washington, was for that purpose -- to put missiles in Ukraine....

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“Washington already has these missile bases in Poland.  Washington is on the verge of putting the country of Georgia into NATO, and once that happens they can put missile bases in Georgia.  This is why the United States wants Ukraine, they want to put missiles on the Russian border in Ukraine.

There is no doubt about this.  The strategy paper has already been written.  As I mentioned previously, two of these ‘Dr. Strangelove’ types said the U.S. can effectively have a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia without any consequence to the United States by wringing Russia with anti-ballistic missile bases that shoot down the Russian response to an attack.

So that is the strategy.  Of course Washington hopes they would never actually need to do any of this, but just the fact that Russia knows they will be ringed by these bases would make it more amenable to Washington’s will.  It would force Russia to accept an attack on Syria, an attack on Iran, and simply remove Putin as an obstacle to American aggression in the world.

So that is what the United States hopes, that by achieving this kind of missile supremacy over Russia they can neutralize the Russian strategic deterrent and make Russia more amenable to accept whatever it is Washington wants to do.  There is no doubt whatsoever about that. 

I think that is a very dangerous miscalculation.  The Russians are a proud people.  They defeated Napoleon when nobody else could (laughter ensues).  They defeated Hitler when nobody else could (more laughter ensues).  They defeated the Tatars, and they drove out the Mongolians.  The Russians are not the kind of people who want to be anybody’s puppet. 

The Germans, French, and the British are content to be American puppets.  The Russians would not be content doing that.  So what Washington is doing is creating a scenario that very easily could lead to nuclear war.”

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Eric King

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