Dr. Roberts:  “The Parliament in Crimea has voted to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia.  The Crimean population is Russian and they don’t want anything to do with the American-orchestrated coup in western Ukraine.  In 9 days there will be a referendum to see whether a majority of the people agree with this, and of course they will.

Now, there’s been no Russian invasion.  That’s a lie coming directly out of Victoria Nuland’s State Department and it has spread all over the world....

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“According to the Russian/Ukrainian Agreement, Russia is permitted 25,000 troops in Crimea.  So the notion that 16,000 Russians, who have been there since the 1990s, recently invaded is a lie.  It’s just another one of Washington’s lies like Saddam Hussein’s ‘weapons of mass destruction,’ or Iranian nukes. 

What’s so puzzling is that anyone ever believes Washington because it never tells the truth about anything.  It always lies.  I can’t think of a single statement that has come out of Washington in the 21st century that wasn’t a lie.  They lied about Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Georgia, and now they are lying about the Ukraine.  That’s all they do -- they lie.

So why anyone would believe anything Washington or its EU puppets say is beyond me.  Europe is nothing but a puppet component of the American empire.  There are no independent governments in Europe.  But what you will see in 9 days, unless the American fools do something stupid and cause a war, is Crimea will simply secede.

Now, the same thing is occurring in the streets in eastern Ukraine because those are Russians too.  This is also the source of the Russian industrial and military complex.  So we have the Russians in the streets protesting against the government in Ukraine.

What has happened is Washington has seen that its incompetence has lost the Crimea.  So Washington has now put these oligarch billionaires, who have their own private militias, in charge of the governments of the cities in eastern Ukraine.  This has been confirmed to me directly from Russia by several independent sources.  There is no doubt this is what has taken place.

These oligarchs are now arresting all of the Russian people who were leading the protests.  Meaning, they are taking the head off the protests.  This means there won’t be any sort of authority to appeal to Putin for help.

Now we have the head of the government in Kiev, who is Jewish, and he is allied with the neo-Nazi elements who hate Jews.  And the original protesters rose up against the billionaire oligarchs, but now it’s these oligarchs who have been put in charge of the eastern Ukraine to suppress the protests by the Russian who want to go back to Russia.  That’s what is actually going on.  So I think that Putin, by being so low key, may lose the eastern Ukraine unless it comes to a war.

The problem is that there are elements in Washington who are still angry at Ronald Reagan for not getting into a war with Russia, and for ending the Cold War peacefully rather than nuking Russia, which is what these crazy individuals wanted Reagan to do.  However, they are still in control in Washington.  Wherever you look, these people are in charge.

So these people are controlling the agenda in Washington and U.S. policy around the world, and we could very easily end up in a war.  Of course that kind of war could very easily go nuclear.  What people need to understand is that right now the very existence of the human race is on the line because of the total insanity in Washington.

This is a very dangerous situation and it will only get worse.  I don’t know what Putin will do when he realizes that trying to be reasonable has resulted in the Russian elements in eastern Ukraine being suppressed.  He may decide he’s not going to put up with that because he promised these people protection, and he may invade Ukraine.

If he decides to invade, that’s the end of Ukraine.  They have no capability to deal with the Russian Army.  Then, what would the Americans do?  They would have to save face.  They would have to stop threatening sanctions and actually do something.  So this is probably the greatest threat the world has ever known.

All of this was brought on by these extreme elements that run Washington, who want to exercise hegemony over the entire world -- over Russia, China, Iran, etc..  They engineered this coup, lost control, and have now placed these billionaire oligarchs in control of eastern Ukraine. 

If that situation gets ugly, Putin will probably have to do something.  Of course oligarchs with their militias are no match for the Russian Army.  This would mean yet another defeat for Washington.  How many defeats can they take before they pull the trigger?  So the greatest threat to life on Earth is the insane government in Washington.”

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