Eric King:  “Dr. Roberts, when you say this crisis in Ukraine is worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis, this brings back terrifying memories for people that lived through that pivotal and dangerous moment in history.”

Dr. Roberts:  “On one level it’s the same thing.  We had the threat of Soviet missile bases 90 miles from our border.  What we are doing now is the beginning stage of what Khrushchev was attempting in Cuba.  And Khrushchev’s response was to the fact that Americans put missiles in Turkey, on Russia’s border.  So he said, ‘OK, I’ll put them in Cuba.’....

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“Well, we now have missile bases on Russia’s border with Poland.  If we add the Ukraine, it’s like giving Russia two doses of Cuba.  And Ukraine is a far greater strategic importance to Russia than it is to the United States.  So the risks here are much higher for that reason alone than the Cuban Missile Crisis was.

The second reason is that the quality of American leadership today is not anywhere close to what it was when John F. Kennedy was President.  Kennedy contained the situation.  He stood up to the war-mongers -- to the generals -- and back-channeled communications with Khrushchev.

Khrushchev agreed to take the missiles out of Cuba, and Kennedy would quietly, six months later, take the American missiles out of Turkey.  This was not part of the official announcement, but it was part of the secret agreement.  Kennedy kept his word and removed the missiles from Turkey six months later.

So Khrushchev and Kennedy worked it out, but in those days we didn’t have the flawed ideology of American hegemony over the entire world.  We also didn’t have the arrogance and hubris of the claims made by President Obama that ‘We are the exceptional people,’ and ‘The indispensable nation.’  Kennedy didn’t talk like that.  He didn’t think that.  But when you think that way and you have this ideology of hegemony over the entire world, you are not going to back down.

And if you have all these generals telling you, ‘We can whip them,’ it creates a much more dangerous environment.  There was a paper published by two of these ‘Dr. Strangelove’ types that claimed we were so far ahead of the Russian military that we could preemptively attack them with nuclear weapons at no consequence to ourselves.  These people are so divorced from reality they are delusional, but they are also incredibly dangerous.

Now, if people are telling the President and the State Department that, they are going to be more reckless than if somebody is saying, ‘You’ve got to calm this down.’  The Russians hear the Western propaganda with people on TV saying things like, ‘Let’s send troops to Poland and our navy to the Black Sea.’  Well, I can assure you that is not what the Russians heard during the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

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