Eric King:  “We now have the Western mainstream media propaganda machine trying to convince people that everything is fine in Ukraine.  They have stocks soaring today and there is pressure on gold as part of the show. Propaganda aside, what is really happening with the situation in Ukraine and Crimea, Dr. Roberts?”

Dr. Roberts:  “It could be that Washington comes to its senses.  On the other hand, it’s embarrassed.  Washington has lost control and it looks as though the southern and eastern provinces are demanding to go back to ‘Mother Russia.’  This isn’t something the Russians have fomented -- It’s the people there.

So there is a great danger here because to the threats that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made to Russia, the Russian foreign minister replied, ‘These are unacceptable.’....

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“The Russians are not going to permit the loss of their naval base in Crimea, or their military-industrial complex in the eastern Ukraine.  These are military-industrial cities.  This is all now threatened by this change in Kiev that the Americans engineered.

This situation is now more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis.  If the  Americans have to save face, and they can’t admit that this was something they caused, and they continue demonizing Putin and Russia, the danger to the world is immense.

Everyone in the U.S. mainstream media is calling for war.  One retired general was saying, ‘We can whip the Russians easy.  They can’t shoot straight.  We should attack and send troops to Poland and send the U.S. Navy to take the Black Sea base from the Russians.’  This is crazy stuff -- absolutely crazy and insane talk.

Well, the Russians aren’t going to back down -- they can’t.  It would be a strategic disaster for them to lose their Black Sea base or to lose the military industrial-complex in eastern Ukraine. So lines are being drawn here.  What happens in Ukraine has serious consequences for Russia.  So they have a huge stake in Ukraine.  But the administration in Washington is not sufficiently intelligent enough to be aware of that, and they feel they’ve got to save face.

You see, Eric, when Kennedy and Khrushchev came eyeball-to-eyeball during the Cuban Missile Crisis, both were intelligent and sensible people.  They realized it wasn’t worth a war, especially between two nuclear powers.

But what have we got in the White House?  Some kind of sock puppet. What’s in the State Department?  Some kind of fool who goes around issuing threats to Russia.  Kennedy never talked that way, and when the generals tried to, he slapped them down.  So this is a totally different situation, and I think it’s a long way from being over.

Regardless, this has permanently poisoned Washington’s relationship with the Russian government.  The Russians now see that Washington is a reckless, irresponsible entity that tried to subvert an area of great strategic importance to Russia.

The American government it too full of hubris and arrogance to accept such a defeat.  So I think they will push further.  But there is extraordinary danger in taking such an aggressive stance, and people in Washington should understand that this push on Russia involves an incredibly high risk to the entire world.  That’s the great danger the world faces -- Washington’s arrogance.”

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