Celente:  “In all of the language of the presstitutes they don’t call what’s going on in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, or elsewhere, a depression.  In Spain we are seeing massive unemployment and people are losing everything....

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“The mainstream media finally mentioned something recently about the rash of banker suicides.  You want to talk about suicides?  It’s estimated that there is a suicide every other day in Italy from a small business owner.  These are people that are losing everything.  But the mainstream media still doesn’t call it a ‘depression.’  They call it a ‘recession.’

This is an interest rate recovery and you are seeing the damage of higher interest rates already.  Home sales fell for the 8th straight month in February.  I have said since the collapse in 2008 that this was not a recovery, instead it was a cover-up.  It has been a cover-up of the serious damage that has been done to the economy by the criminal banking syndicates.


Now we have the ECB talking about quantitative easing.  China said they were going to tighten up on money.  Not true.  They are loosening up on it again.  But unlike the United States and Europe, that give the money to the banks, China is also putting it into infrastructure in China.  That is why China has that magnificent rail system, just to use one example.

Look at what’s going on in the United States:  Is there a gas main blowing up in a city near you?  There are now almost 50 million Americans on food stamps, and this is as our roads, bridges, and the rest of the infrastructure in the United States is crumbling.

But remember what I have said to you many times -- when all else fails, they take you to war.  That’s all we are hearing from the prestitutes and politicians right now is talk of war.  So they are preparing the people for war.”

Eric King:  “Gerald, what is the greatest hope for the future?”

Celente: “This is why I am pushing for an ‘Occupy Peace’ movement that I am going to be launching in the Spring Edition of the upcoming Trends Journal.  The greatest danger in the future is that we let a few people decide what is best for all of us in terms of taking us to war, and spending our money to fight in these foreign entanglements.

This is why in mid-April I am launching this Occupy Peace movement.  This movement has a very simple focus that can be summed up in three words:  ‘No foreign entanglements.’  We are going to launch the Occupy Peace movement from Colonial Kingston, New York, where it has its roots and foundation in the first American Revolution.  This will honor our Founding Fathers who all believed in no foreign entanglements.

We the people should be making the decisions about whether to go to war, or to involve ourselves in other countries’ wars.  So the Occupy Peace movement is designed to put power into the hands of the people, and take it out of the hands of those who so easily take us to war.  Peace is the greatest hope for the future.”

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