Celente:  “The only reason we are having a recovery of any sort is because of the unprecedented tens of trillions of dollars, pounds, euros, yen, and yuan being dumped into the system.  And now with interest rates going up there is a lot of fear out there....

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“We are also watching how banks are reacting to this.  And now with more investigations under way, we are seeing an unraveling of sorts that has us quite concerned.  When you have geopolitical unrest, economic uncertainty, and then on top of that you have ongoing investigations into criminality by bankers, this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to the global economy.

We are also looking at what is causing these banker suicides.  We keep seeing more of these.  The Wall Street Journal was saying the latest banker who committed suicide was ‘anxious on probes.’  How about, the banker is scared to death to the point where he hung himself.

He was a former senior executive at Deutsche Bank, and he was found hanging in his home.  But the thing that stood out to me was that this man left multiple suicide notes.  The people have no right to see the notes according to the coroner over there.  These were multiple suicide notes which may in fact implicate Deutsche Bank and others.  The press said, ‘The rising pressure on Mr. Brokesmith came as Deutsche Bank faced broadening scrutiny from global regulators.’

Again, this all ties together.  This is the business of trends -- all things are connected.  And the ‘presstitutes’ in the mainstream media use disgusting presstitute language that covers up the criminality when the Wall Street gang and the financial mafia keep raping, robbing, and pillaging the entire world.

Here is a headline, ‘Banks Hit By $100 Billion In U.S. Legal Settlements Since Crisis.’  How’s that for a coverup?  $100 billion.  This guy (Mr. Brokesmith) hung himself even as the banks are getting a free ride.  You are not seeing anybody going to jail for the crimes being committed.  And yes, these are crimes.  You do not pay $100 billion in legal settlements if you didn’t do anything wrong.

America’s biggest banks - JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and the Goldman Sachs gang - they had combined earnings of $76 billion in 2013, just short of their collective peak in 2006, prior to the collapse.  So nothing has changed.  It’s all a fraud.

Just look at the video that broke my heart of the poor homeless guy in New Mexico, where the cops shot him in the back three times, killing him.  This was for being homeless and sleeping in a park.  But ruin the lives of tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people around the world by engaging in criminal activity with a syndicate of other banks and bankers and you don’t see one head roll.”

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