Celente:  “What we are looking at now is a very different type of warfare than we’ve seen in the past.  It’s beyond the military.  We are going to start seeing more and more cyber attacks.  You could bring down an entire country.  You could bring down entire financial systems with tightly executed, specifically targeted attacks on nations....

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“Think of just the Forex markets for example.  What are they trading, $5.3 trillion a day?  Now start multiplying that times all the countries in the world doing financial transactions.  Imagine if those systems were brought down -- it would be complete financial chaos.  It would be panic.

You already saw, as this Ukraine crisis began to unfold back in early March, dozens of computer networks in Ukraine were infected by a new cyber weapon called ‘Snake.’  This is just in Ukraine.  Could you imagine if it hit the U.S., Russia, the European Union, South America?  It could be financial panic and chaos at levels we cannot imagine.  It would be the equivalent of a financial nuclear war.  ATM’s would go down.  Business would stop because transactions wouldn’t be able to be executed.

So we are talking about people (and countries) using their scientific knowledge to go into a whole different direction than (traditional) military warfare.  This is a new grade of military action.  It’s not about bombs, cruise missiles, or missile defense systems, it’s about attacking people (and countries) where it hurts a lot, and that’s in the wallet (and nation’s economies).

So you could have cyber weapons being launched en masse from around the world, targeting different countries.  I would suggest that virtually every country out there, every major nation, is already building systems -- cyber weapons systems -- beyond ‘Snake,’ that could bring down entire country’s computer systems.”

Eric King:  “You say this would be equivalent to a nuclear financial war.”

Celente:  “Yes.  Of course a nuclear war would be more deadly and devastating to the planet and the people, but this could cause greater damage in the sense that you are talking about disabling the entire financial systems around the world, and it’s a tightly interconnected system.

Could you imagine if banks can’t do business?  If exchanges stopped?  If you couldn’t even go to a store and use a credit card or get any money out of an ATM machine?  It would crash the financial systems.  A week or two of this and you would have total chaos.”

UPDATE:  Gerald Celente’s remarkable audio interview where he discusses the ‘Coming Internet War,’ gold, Ukraine, and much more is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.

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