Eric King:  “Chris, KWN recently published the story ‘Did Ukraine Just Airlift Its Entire Gold Hoard To The U.S. Fed?  The U.S. is always appropriating gold from other countries.  What are your thoughts on this situation?”

Powell:  “That King World News story really spread around the world.  I traced it to a Russian-language Ukrainian newspaper.  It was certainly a very believable story based on past U.S. actions.  But you did that particular interview with William Kaye out of Hong Kong, who I happened to know has some excellent Ukrainian sources himself.  This made the story even more powerful....

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“I thought that was a pretty big international story.  After your interview with Kaye, I believed it was important to confirm this officially.  So I emailed the press offices for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the U.S. State Department.  I also called the State Department's press office and was assured of a call back that never came.

I quickly got an acknowledgement from the New York Fed.  The publicist there said he would look into this and get back to me in a timely manner.  Sure enough, the next morning he replied that I should make the inquiry with the National Bank of Ukraine.  So he was basically saying the New York Fed did not want to comment on whether it had taken custody of the Ukrainian gold.

After the State Department stonewalled me for a few days, I got my congressman’s office involved.  The State Department finally responded that I should put the question to the New York Fed, which I had already done.  The New York Fed was not wanting any part of this question and instead directed me to the National Bank of Ukraine.

I emailed the National Bank of Ukraine and the Ukrainian embassy in Washington and the Ukrainian mission in New York but got no response.  The refusals to comment were a good indication that something was going on with the Ukrainian gold.”

Eric King:  “Chris, if you are the New York Fed and you haven’t taken possession of that gold, why don’t you just say, ‘We don’t have it.  We don’t have this gold,’ and put an end to it?”

Chris Powell:  [LAUGHTER]  “Because the rigging of the gold market and the currency markets is really a bigger national security issue in the eyes of government now than virtually anything else.  The Ukrainian gold is very likely in the possession of the New York Fed.  Some people have joked that maybe the Ukrainian gold will be the next gold sent to the German Bundesbank in the international game of golden musical chairs.

The location and disposition of national gold reserves is a secret far more sensitive than the location and disposition of nuclear weapons.  The possession of gold enables the rigging of all markets.  The possession of gold and the control of the gold market and currency markets are far greater mechanisms of power than military mechanisms.

If you can control the currency markets -- and control of those markets depends on control of the gold market -- you can control interest rates.  This essentially means you can control the valuation of all capital, labor, goods, and services in the world -- everything.

That is the real power in the world right now, and that’s why the Fed won’t answer the question.  If you know how much gold an adversary has, it’s more strategic information than knowing where his weapons are.  That’s why the Fed won’t talk about it -- controlling gold is the primary mechanism of controlling the world.

That's why this can’t be talked about -- not only by the governments and central banks, but also by the mainstream media.  These media outlets are entirely subservient to the governments and the financial interests that own them.  I have sent the Ukrainian gold story to 30 journalists in the mainstream media and they have all ignored it.  That is extent of the control the U.S. government and the financial powers have over the mainstream media.”

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