Leeb:  “Eric, for the United States government, there is nothing more important in this world right now than to maintain having the world’s reserve currency.  Having the reserve currency allows the US to deal with all sorts of problems....

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“It also allows the US to deal with its problems without having virtually any discipline as to what we do.  We can just print our way out of things.  But it’s become clear in recent years that this is something we can no longer take for granted.

It’s one thing to manipulate gold or a general stock market, but these are not the trillions-of-dollars-a-day markets that foreign currencies are.  So I want to be clear about this:  There is nothing the US will stop at to ensure that the dollar is the world’s safe haven and reserve currency.

I believe there is a very strong argument that we are doing whatever we can to continue to maintain the dollar’s place as the reserve currency.  This means beating on gold, and other major currencies, and creating a ‘Matrix’ where the dollar continues to look like the ultimate shelter in this world.  The only way the US can do this is to resort to illegal behavior, including manipulation and God only knows what else. 

And right now there are too many people in the banking sector ‘jumping out of windows’ to think there isn’t something nefarious to this.  Something very suspicious is going on here, Eric.  You and I will never know what happened to these people, but what we do know is that people who are in very important positions can disappear or die very quickly.

People are getting really scared at high levels of government, and they are acting accordingly.  They are taking action and they are eliminating people who can hurt them, one way or the other.  I’m sure this is a terrifying situation for those who are at the heart of this investigation on the banking side.

What this tells me is that the appearance of strength in major markets is actually masking a lot of disturbance, chaos, and secrets that are underneath this facade.  Make no mistake about it:  There is a financial war going on right now.  And there are a lot of secrets that governments have in this war.

It’s no secret that there are assassinations that take place across the globe, but we will never have the evidence that governments are killing these people in the banking sector in order to protect these secrets.  But, again, all of this is further evidence that something is really wrong in the financial system and there are a lot of secrets being concealed.  I also don’t think we have seen the last of this -- that much I can promise you.”

Leeb added:  “On the heels of all of this chaos, the most recent data released today shows the Chinese have been massively dumping US Treasuries.  So it is no surprise that the gold and silver markets have seen a significant lift during this period.

Recently on KWN I asked:  Who in the hell is manipulating the silver market?  Well, silver has gone up almost every single day since that interview, so whoever is doing it has backed off a bit.  Regardless, there is no way to continue holding gold and silver down on a prolonged basis because there is simply too much demand for physical metal.  So whoever is doing this manipulating is eventually going to get run over -- that much is guaranteed.”

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