Eric King:  “Gerald, in amazing fashion you predicted exactly how and when all this tapering would take place.  Then, astonishingly, you warned in last week’s interview on KWN, almost precisely at the dead lows of the plunge in stocks, that “you are going to start seeing the Fed, (Washington) D.C., and the Wall Street gang move in to stop the slide in equities.”  The slide stopped exactly where you said it would.  Yellen spoke today -- your thoughts in the aftermath of that.”

Celente:  “She did exactly what was to be expected, saying nothing, pretending to be smart, and promising more of the same.  So as Wall Street read it, if things get tough enough and profits aren’t coming in the way they should, the Fed is ready to keep the money pumping-scheme going....

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“We also saw the same reaction from the European markets.  So it’s more of the same, with a different face and a different voice.  This is just a case of another front-man, or in this case, front-woman, spouting out the exact same propaganda that we’ve now been hearing since the global markets began to crash when the panic of 2008 hit.

Since 2008, all we have seen is a major coverup take place as the American people are constantly being lied to by those who run the Orwellian mainstream media, as they continue with their campaign of propaganda.”

Eric King:  “Gerald, I know your next prediction is for the re-emergence of additional quantitative easing, although it won’t be called QE.”

Celente: “I think the gold market is already reacting to that.  Gold was up $17 today.  The gold market can see through this charade.

Look at what’s going on over in China:  Interest rates are going significantly higher because of the debacle in their banking system.  Look at what’s going on in India, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina:  All those economies are in decline, their currencies are getting battered, and they are desperately raising interest rates to keep their currencies from completely imploding.

But back here in the United States, Yellen gave a ‘dovish’ speech according to the mainstream propaganda, which sparked the rally in stocks.  She also bragged about the the falling unemployment rate, failing to acknowledge that the rate dropped primarily because all of the discouraged workers who can’t find jobs and are no longer counted as unemployed.  What are the stocks rallying about?  Are they rallying about the wonderful jobs numbers that came out last Friday in the US?  Wall Street expected 189,000 jobs to be created, and only 113,00 jobs were created, if you even believe the numbers at all.

All the Wall Street shills promptly came out promising the December jobs numbers would be revised up to ‘200,000+.’  What were the numbers actually revised to -- from 74,000 to 75,000.  There is no recovery, and the only thing Yellen said is that she will keep pumping money into Wall Street and the other equity markets so the Wall Street gang can keep the Ponzi scheme going.”

Celente added:  “When you look at Obamacare and the destruction it has caused in so many people’s lives, it’s just more of the same.  Whether it’s spying on us, or wars around the world, when you put it all together, the people in charge fall into two categories:  sociopaths and psychopaths.

Did you hear our secretary of state saying that ‘The US will defend Japan against China.’  Who is he speaking for?  Is he speaking for me?  Is he speaking for you?  We’re going to defend Japan against China?  This guy is a madman.  These are the characteristics and the traits of sociopaths and psychopaths.”

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