Rosen:  “2014 will be the year of the upside explosion in gold and silver.  2014 will also be the year the S&P tops and the stock markets endure a historic plunge....

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“As I have previously mentioned to you, the S&P will lose a stunning 2/3 of its value.  On the flip side, gold has bottomed and it will take off to the upside in a huge explosion.  Everything I’ve learned over 60 years of following the markets tells me this is exactly where we are.

So the peak is in or will be in within a matter of days or weeks for the Dow, and the corrective bottom for gold has been completed.  Gold will not break the recent lows because nobody can turn back the tide, not even the Federal Reserve.  The chart below shows gold’s advance since the start of this century.  Notice the powerful ‘French Curve.’  This is why the bottom for gold is already cemented in place (see chart below).

Eric King:  “William Kaye noted that the gold ETF GLD was recently being looted once again and might be used to smash gold one more time.  What are your thoughts?”

Rosen:  “My thoughts are as long as there are markets there are going to be crooks and manipulators.  But the reality is that Mother Nature runs the show, and whether the crooks like it or not, they are going to get their heads handed to them.  There is never going to be a market in anything without thieves and crooks, including people in governments. 

You have to work with the environment you are given, and we’ve always had thieves and crooks in markets ever since the markets were devised.  Savvy investors have made money in spite of that because they know how the tide floats and when the tide turns.”

Eric King:  “So if Western governments decide to intervene and smash the price of gold they will be defeated?”

Rosen:  “There is no doubt whatsoever they will be defeated.  They will be slaughtered.  Not only that, the markets will have to undo the manipulation they implanted which will make the whole matter much worse than if they just stayed the hell out of it.  If they try and play with the markets they will get their heads handed to them, which means the people who live under that government are going to be slaughtered along with them.”

Eric King:  “Whether or not there is one more attempt to smash the gold price, what do you see for the balance of 2014?”

Rosen:  “I don’t see any significant smash coming whatsoever.  They tried it and the market stood there and deflected the attempt.  Mother Nature stood there and said, ‘Gold is not going below $1,179.50.  If gold does go below that level you are going to annihilate yourself.’

The Western central planners can ‘Quickly Eradicate’ themselves -- that’s the ‘QE’ that truly has them terrified.  If they do enough quantitative easing (the other QE), Mother Nature will back away and say, ‘OK, I’ll let them destroy themselves.  They will save me a lot of work.’  All of these Ivy League graduates think they can defeat the natural forces of the markets, but in the end they will be slaughtered and they will take the entire Western world down with them.  The West is simply committing economic suicide.”

Rosen added:  “I bought a 1 1/3 acre piece of land in Westport, Connecticut in 1963 and had a magnificent house built on it for $39,000, including the price of the land.  This was a large home with multiple garages, a maid’s quarters, circular driveway, etc.  That same house I built now sells for $2 million.  Who the hell are our leaders kidding?  They are slaughtering the United States and especially the middle class by destroying our money.

About 8 years later, in 1971, I bought a magnificent waterfront home in Westport Connecticut that an architect had built for himself.  It was a spectacular home with a private pool and dock on the water.  That home cost me $136,000 in 1971.  That same home just sold for $3,950,000.  This all started when I was in my early 30s.  I’m in my 80s now and I can confidently tell you that our money is being destroyed before our eyes.

They have totally annihilated the United States of America and guaranteed a disastrous future for our children and grandchildren and what’s left of the rapidly disappearing middle class.  This is why they can never defeat the natural forces of this gold bull market, and if they try, they will destroy us all.”

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