Eric King:  “What are your thoughts as we head into 2014?”

Mauldin:  “There are several trends that we have to keep in mind as we go forward.  First is what I call ‘The Transformation Revolution.’  What I mean by that is that industries and technologies are changing so rapidly that they are transforming our society even as we speak....

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“... It is capital as human capital that is the important thing.  We’re living longer, and we’re living smarter.  And it’s that human capital that figures out how to get what’s been around us for 10,000 years.  We just haven’t had the knowledge, we haven’t had the information to be able to use it.

Something that is trivial in the grand scheme of things is a machine that will go through lettuce rows and pick out which lettuce head should live and die, and it’s a robot.  The people that are creating this robot are going to sell it for 1/3 of what it costs them (the farmers) to hire people (to do the same work).  It takes 50 people 3 days to hoe a lettuce field.  This (robot) does it in 3 hours.  It’s a massive transformation.  It’s transforming the lettuce business. 

We’re transforming everything.  And to be able to make a robot that can weed and fix (work) a lettuce field is remarkably complicated.  It requires 10,000 pieces of something that somebody had to do to get us to where we could do that today.  And it’s that constant compilation of people pulling things together that is creating the transformation.  That’s why we are on an accelerating curve.  And that is the overriding drive that we have in the human experiment -- that we have in the human culture.

We have to realize as we go back:  The industrial revolution went through wars, it went through famines, earthquakes, and it kept going.  The Transformation Revolution is going to do the same thing.  We are going to live longer, Eric, and we are going to have far, far greater health spans.  That means we are going to have more human capital to be able to do more things.  So that is the overriding message that I want people to understand.”

The information above was just a small portion of this extraordinary audio interview with John Mauldin.  He covers what to expect in major markets in 2014, the remarkable changes KWN readers should expect for humanity and much more.  Mauldin also discusses gold and much more.  The tremendous KWN interview with John Mauldin is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

UPDATE - KWN will be releasing at least two more interviews on Saturday and all day Sunday as well.

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The audio interviews with John Mauldin, Bill Fleckenstein, Dr. Stephen Leeb, Egon von Greyerz, Art Cashin, James Turk, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Andrew Maguire, Michael Pento, Rick Rule, Gerald Celente, Dr. Marc Faber and Eric Sprott are available now. Other recent KWN interviews include Jim Grant and Felix Zulauf -- to listen CLICK HERE.

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© 2014 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast,

rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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