Eric King:  “This emerging markets mess, your thoughts here because there is (so much) turmoil around the world at this point.”

Dr. Roberts:  “Eric, there are different ways you can look at the emerging markets mess.  One is that all the liquidity that the Fed created, some of it flowed into emerging markets, and now that the Fed is indicating an end to quantitative easing the money is flowing out.  As it does it causes the sale of those currencies in those countries and they plummet, and this causes all kinds of financial chaos.  That’s one way to look at it (the way the mainstream media propaganda is leading people to believe)....

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“Another way to look at it is that the government, the guys in Washington, they interfere in every market.  They manipulate every market, just like they manipulate the LIBOR rate and the London gold fixing rate.  They (the Fed) manipulate the interest rates by buying huge numbers of bonds.

They have a Plunge Protection Team which manipulates the stock market.  They have the Exchange Stabilization Fund which manipulates currencies.  And so when you see the Venezuelan currency nosedive, and they are forced to devalue it, this could easily be Washington payback. 

It could easily be Washington destabilizing Venezuela.  They don’t like the Venezuelan government.  It’s not cooperative with the United States.  It doesn’t let the tiny elite that’s allied with Washington run the country.  So it could easily be the overthrow of what remains of the Chavez political forces.  It’s obviously Washington overthrowing a regime, obviously they want to destabilize Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Russia.  These are countries that are standing up to America -- getting into the way of its purposes (agenda). 

Indeed, there is even a broader reason to destabilize other currencies, and that is it supports the dollar.  If you’ve been creating 1,000 billion new dollars a year, everyone knows the Fed’s balance sheet has grown dramatically in a very short time, it raises concern about the value of the dollar.

So if you can destabilize other currencies, then that concern goes away and everybody starts thinking, ‘Oh, we’ve got to go to the dollar to be safe.’  It brings back the whole notion that the dollar is the only safe currency.  So that’s another purpose that is served by causing financial chaos abroad.”

IMPORTANT - KWN will be releasing interviews all day today and this weekend with former US Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Egon von Greyerz, Andrew Maguire, John Ing and many others. 

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