Eric King:  “What about paper claims on gold hitting 112 to 1 vs available physical gold?”

Kaye:  “All of these things we are discussing point to the same thing -- we are getting close to the end.  As we spoke about earlier, we now have the mainstream media discussing the deficiencies, I would argue corruptness, in what is a highly leveraged fractional-reserve paper system....

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“And when the mainstream media starts paying attention to these types of issues, again you have to wonder:  Why the sudden interest after ignoring this for years?  And in many cases the mainstream media have just denied the very existence of manipulation.  So now they are embracing the manipulation story.

Again, as I said to you earlier, I think this is just the mainstream media attempting to restore some modicum of credibility.  We know people have already left mainstream media to get the real news from places like King World News because they want to know the truth.  They are tired of being lied to.

It’s in their interest to do that before all hell breaks loose and everyone starts asking the Financial Times, ‘Where the hell were you the last several years?’  Also, as we discussed earlier, there is this recognition by the powers that be that this game is going to be over very soon.

No matter how much physical gold people already own, and I would assume that many of the global elite are pretty well set in that category, if you know what is going to happen next, you don’t own enough.  It’s like the old saying in the hedge fund business:  ‘In your best idea you can’t be big enough.’

So no matter how much physical gold that the elite own, arguably if they know it is about to be reset much, much higher, and that’s what I believe will happen later in 2014, then you can’t possibly own enough no matter how much you own.  So it’s in their self-interest to see if they can get gold lower, not higher, so that they can buy more at cheaper prices.  The same is true for their agent, JP Morgan.

The point is that if you are among the cabal that is responsible for this manipulation, or just part of that group, then you want to acquire even more physical gold before prices are reset much, much higher.

The other key player is China, which is absorbing in excess of all global mining production.  That speaks volumes about what China knows about the coming reset.  India is also set to rebound in terms of their physical gold demand.  Let’s not forget that until last year India was the largest consumer of physical gold, not China.

So the stars are aligned for an ascendance in demand, which is already very strong.  And with prices that are just silly, right around $1,270, I really can’t believe that global production and recycling can possibly keep up with demand as 2014 really gets rolling.

So this should be a very interesting year, and a year in which I predict the suppression scheme comes to an end and we see the gold price reset much, much higher.”

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