Barron:  “Gold equities across the board are well off of their lows at this point.  But this is not being reported anywhere in the mainstream media.  In the last month many of my gold shares are up 20%, and one of them is up 60%.  This is happening across the board in the sector, and as I mentioned, none of this is being reported in the mainstream media....

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invested millions into, and is poised to become

a uranium superpower click on the logo:

“It seems like we pressed the reset button on January 1st in this entire sector as the last of the tax-loss selling came to an end.  These equities are still very oversold on a longer-term basis and it’s time for shareholders to make money.  Since the last trading day in December, the price of gold has risen roughly $50.  Gold continues building a base in the mid-to-low $1,200s for a sustained run to the upside.  Once gold takes out the $1,265 area, the upside move will accelerate.”

Eric King:  “When you look at the West, Keith, is our gold really gone?”

Barron:  “This is something I have been talking about on KWN for at least six months, and it seems that other media is starting to pick up on it now.  There have been a couple of TV programs that I’ve seen which have mentioned this topic in the last week.

I could see trouble coming last year when KWN reported there were tremendous amounts of gold being shipped out of Great Britain, where it was being held for some of the American ETFs.  This gold was being shipped to Switzerland, where the 400 ounce ‘good delivery’ bars were being recast into smaller bars and shipped to Asia and the Far East.

This is all verifiable through customs receipts, so we know the gold left London.  At the same time, tremendous amounts of gold ended up in Shanghai and Hong Kong as well as India.  The West pleaded with India to halt the demand, but their attempts at punitive taxation have utterly failed to stop the flow of gold into the country.  Yes, the seizure of gold flowing from Pakistan into India went through the roof, but this was just a miniscule portion of the tidal wave of gold which was successfully crossing the border.

As far as the West goes, this has been a very dangerous experiment to allow so much gold to go out of the hands of the West and into the East.  Now people are realizing that the German gold no longer exists where it was supposedly stored in the West in places like New York and Paris.  This gold was long ago sent to India as part of an ongoing price suppression scheme by the West.  It’s adorning the bodies of Indian women (laughter ensues), and it’s not coming back.

But the game is now changing for the price suppression scheme, and last week I said that if entities wanted to raid what is left on the Comex, by forcing delivery, they would potentially put that exchange in a great deal of trouble.”

Eric King:  “As we move toward this New Economic & Monetary World Order, what will life be like in the West?”

Barron:  “Eventually America is going to look like a lot of South American countries, where most Americans will be living a second world lifestyle.  Services have already been cut in the United States and these cuts will only accelerate in the future.  Also, infrastructure is rapidly falling apart.

When you see things like the Chinese sending probes to the moon, China moving to dominate the Pacific theater, and some of the American generals warning that America is losing its supremacy, this is what’s really happening right now.  America is a very indebted nation and it cannot afford its empire anymore.

The Fed is so focused on interest rates in the US because if interest rates start to gallup higher it’s going to crash the already fragile economy.  But the bigger reason is the massive US debt.  The debt is already crushing as we know, but if interest rates were to jump from where they are now to, say, 10%, this would collapse the US.  This would also trigger a crisis for the entire world.

The United States is a nation in decline.  The other side of that coin is China and India are in ascendancy.  That’s just the way it is.  I feel bad for so many people in the US because their hopes, their dreams, they are literally being destroyed.  This has created a ‘lost generation.’  Let’s just hope this tragic situation doesn’t turn into ‘lost generations,’ because that would mean a long depression, and a lot of more suffering.”

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