Maguire:  “An increasing number of producers are being approached by China to buy their forward production, and at a premium over spot....

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“And I have reliable information from one of the producers I deal with that they are getting a forward sale price equivalent to just a small discount over the strong Shanghai closing wholesale premiums.  They (those premiums in Shanghai) average around $15 per ounce, but have been as high as $30 per ounce.

Even today’s premium of $17 is a substantial premium over the dilutive London spot price.  And it’s undermining the LBMA’s efforts to steal forward production at a discount.  But what’s really flying under the radar here, Eric -- and this is a big deal -- this is essentially a ‘shadow’ wholesale fix being set in Shanghai, well ahead of the AM and PM London fixes, and it’s going completely unnoticed and unreported by the (mainstream) media.

These poached forwards have been historically relied upon by the LBMA bullion banks to pay rehypothecated bullion positions at a discount.  And they are totally reliant on perpetual rollovers to continue the collateralizing game.  And this move by China seriously erodes the influence the LBMA banks have on the global market.

So this strategic move by China to hijack this highly profitable financing business consolidates their position as ‘the’ global bullion market.  This will no doubt have the attention of the Fed and the Bank for International Settlements because it removes the supporting cornerstone which the two primary bullion banks have enjoyed over the multi-billion derivative market.” 

Maguire added: “China is playing its hand more openly now which tells us the lines are really close to crossing, where they (the Chinese) are actually going to benefit from a gold revaluation.”

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