Kaye:  “The main thing I am focused on right now is the upward migration of gold and silver prices as we get to the seasonally strong part of the year.  I think we’ve seen exhaustion on the part of the powers that be in terms of the smashing of gold, and the more overt suppression of gold and silver prices....

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“So now the question is, what strategy will they revert to?  It appears they have gone to plan ‘B.’  Plan ‘A’ was to smash the price to unbelievably low levels, and I think resistance from my area of the world (through massive physical gold buying) prevented that from being sustained.

So the plan they have reverted to now is one of using what physical gold they can get their hands on, and that’s getting very tight as you know, Eric, in order to cap the price, and essentially manage as best as possible the migration of gold and silver prices to inevitably higher price levels.”

Eric King:  “There is no question that Western central planners have gone to plan ‘B’ at this point, but how do you see this playing out in the future?”

Kaye:  “We spoke last time about the Bank of England desperately selling into the market, I’m sure it was officially booked as a lease arrangement, but selling into the market, through the agent banks, 1,300 tons of gold.  That was an astonishing number.

That represented more than 50% of all gold production for all of 2012.  It is also well over 50% of all of the gold production that will occur in 2013.  There is absolutely no question that these are desperate people (Western central planners) who are capable of doing desperate things.

May own thesis is the Western central planners are now running out of options.  It’s great to have a digital printing press, it’s great to be the most powerful people on the planet through the control of the money supply of the United States, England, and Europe, but it’s still a digital printing press. 

You can’t digitally print physical gold.  You can’t digitally print physical silver.  So they remain scarce.  The result is that the price of gold and silver is simply going to continue to head significantly higher, but I strongly believe that in the very near future the prices of both gold and silver are going to launch much, much higher.”

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