Celente:  “Eric, I really want to stay on this CFTC thing.  First of all, the probe -- that it ended without charges, it wasn’t even covered in the New York Times in their business section.  And it was in the back, on Page 22 of the Financial Times.  But I want to read you this quote by (CFTC Commissioner) Bart Chilton, “Our manipulation standard remains too high a hurdle for regulators to overcome.  Not enough bad actors are being punished.” 

He (Chilton) is the guy who was heading (or working on) this the probe (at the CFTC along with others)....

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“Now I want to just break that (quote from Chilton) down:  “Our manipulation standards remain too high.”  No, the laws are made to give the big guys a ‘get out of jail free card.’  And (as for his comment) “Not enough bad actors are being punished” -- These aren’t actors.  These are people who are robbing the livelihoods of people!

These are people who are stealing the money out of this country, and robbing the heart and soul of it!  These aren’t “bad actors.”  And this guy (Bart Chilton), to me he’s a bad actor because the language he uses is not appropriate.

I can give you another quote by him (Chilton) regarding ICAP, the London firm that was one of the firms rigging the LIBOR market:  “This was insolent conduct impacting a benchmark rate that influences almost anything consumers buy on credit ... These are just too important to become a playground for some big-talking bad guys.”  This isn’t a playground.  This is the livelihood of everybody!

People are losing their homes, their jobs, they’ve lost everything.  Politics is show business for ugly people.  And that’s all this is is one bad show.  Listen to the language, I’m not making this up, “Playground for some big-talking bad guys.”  This guy (Chilton) has been watching too many movies. 

Nothing is coming down.  Everybody is getting a free ride.  Rape, pillage and plunder.  That should be the motto.  It’s a takeover.  The facts are there for everyone, Eric, (it’s) the merger of corporate powers.  Let’s call a spade a spade.  This is not capitalism, it’s fascism.

And I’m tired of that word ‘globalization.’  It’s ‘multi-nationalization.’  They’ve taken over.  All of these guys (like Chilton) are little flunkies for the bad guys.  They are “bad actors” as he calls them.  They (people like Chilton) are front men.  They are carnival men.  ‘Step right up, step right up.  We are going to have a probe.’  Yeah, I’ll give you a probe.  How about America bending over?  That’s the probe they are getting from the CFTC, the SEC, and the rest (of these corrupt organizations).”

Eric King:  “Gerald, in light of all of this, what do you see as the (key) trends going forward?”

Celente:  “On the economic front we are really going to see things unravel in 2014.  I believe they are going to have to start tapering whether they want to or not, and when that happens we are going to see the big crash.

There are positive movements, (such as) trying to bring peace on Earth.  That’s a very positive trend.  If enough people would come forward, speak out and stand up, and bring America back to the roots they are supposed to -- no foreign entanglements, no squandering of money to fight wars. Really bringing a democratically elected government and breaking up the political gangs, we could have a different future.  It will take time, but I believe we are moving in a positive direction because so many people no longer believe the lies.”

IMPORTANT - The written portion above is just a small portion of this incredible interview with Celente.  He discusses major new trends, the CFTC decision, the gold and silver markets, and more new information which he has not discussed in any previous interview.  The KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

UPDATE - Part I of the powerful written interview with legendary Jim Grant is available now CLICK HERE.

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