Embry:  “The big news of the day is the fact they appear to have averted the Syrian war.  The last thing the world needed was another war in the Middle East.  But the central planners are using this as a cover to pound gold and silver, and lift the U.S. stock market.

Over the past 20 years, when the gold suppression scheme has been in high gear, gold has never done well in the wake of a geopolitical event.  Central planners suppress it when the flare-up is going on, and then they pound it after it’s over....

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“There seems to be a pretty aggressive plan afoot here to make sure they can keep the Dow over 15,000, and keep gold and silver under $1,400 and $24 respectively.  And they use these so-called news events as cover for their operations in key markets. 

But even when the news event is going against them they are suppressing gold and silver.  Then, when they get a better news backdrop, they become more aggressive in pounding gold and silver and lifting the Dow.  All this is doing is delaying the inevitable.  The longer they do this, the more extreme the risk becomes for those in financial assets, and the greater the opportunity is for those in gold and silver. 

But having said that, it is frustrating, and a lot of people are now giving up.  I was speaking to several of my friends in the space this morning and they are really upset because a lot of people are being driven out of the gold and silver markets by this price action, which is purely manufactured.

The fact is that gold and silver never rallied much on the recent escalation in Syria.  There was a very small lift to the metals as things started to heat up, but the reality is that gold crept briefly over $1,400, and was then it was violently suppressed the entire time there was the threat of war in Syria.  Then, as soon as the war appears to be off the table, they use that as cover to take prices much lower.

So this is just business as usual.  There was a lot of enthusiasm about what was going to happen to gold and silver prices after the summer, as we moved into the fall.  I strongly believe that it will be a fabulous rest of the year for the metals, but the central planners wanted to strike early to put fear into people’s minds about the price action in gold and silver.  This may work in the short-term, and discourage people from entering the sector, but it won’t make one bit of difference regarding the ultimate outcome, and that is gold and silver prices are headed spectacularly higher in the next year.

The major factor behind the dramatically higher move in gold and silver prices is quite simply debasement of currencies, and impairment of the financial system.  None of this has been solved, and in fact it is actually getting worse as we speak.  The fundamental trends generally don’t change much once they are established.  And in this instance the fundamentals have us on a path to destruction.  This is a path that really can’t be reversed.

Consequently, what happens is that central planners try to manage the psychology around these fundamentals by attempting to convince people that things are getting better.  The reality is they aren’t better, but somehow the propaganda and subsequent price action seems to have an impact on what people believe.  I can promise you this is nothing more than psychological war games they are using to manipulate people’s thought patterns. 

The real problem the central planners have here is that the people who buy physical gold and silver are incredibly resilient when it comes to these attempts at psychological warfare by the central planners, which use the mainstream media as a weapon in the war, and so they just continue to buy more physical metal as the prices are taken lower.

What I am saying is these manipulations have been incredibly destructive for the central planners, but they are desperately trying to save face here.  Well, guess what?  At some point they are going to get overrun, and that surrender is going to be a breathtaking sight to behold in terms of the subsequent gold and silver price action.

For all of those gold and silver investors that can stop the psychological warfare from causing them to react emotionally, and simply use these pullbacks to add to positions, they are going to benefit from what will literally be the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world.”

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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