Barron:  “As I said in my KWN interview on August 29th, events in the Middle East haven’t moved the gold and silver prices.  I told you that the mainstream media was trying explain the lift in gold prices as related to the Middle East, and their message was patently false. 

Now they are using this reprieve in Syria as an excuse to smash gold and silver prices....

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“Looking back, you can see how they paint the setup ahead of time.  We also know there are powerful forces out there that have a vested interest in making sure the gold and silver prices remain subdued.  We can especially see this Western interference in a country like India.  They have put in the most punitive taxes on gold buying in that country, and all of this is because the West really controls India, not their puppet leaders.

But this type of thing is happening everywhere.  Nobody in power in the West wants to see people deserting paper assets for precious metals.  So whenever there is talk about gold being a ‘safe haven,’ they go out of their way to smash the price as quickly as possible.”

Eric King:  “Today, John Embry told KWN that Western central planners were involved in ‘psychological warfare’ against gold and silver investors.  He also pointed out the fact that the mainstream media is used in this war.  Essentially, as the West is headed down this path of destruction, it’s a game of propaganda and attempting to fool the people into believing everything is OK.”

Barron: “The last thing the West wants is a situation like you have in India where it starts to mess with a country’s balance of payments.  You can just imagine what would happen if this began to take place in any European country or in North America.

So, it’s absolutely as John Embry says.  It’s not just a psychological war, it’s a real war.  They mobilize paper gold selling in order to smash the price when they can and when they see there are moments of weakness, and then they trot out their people onto the mainstream media to bash and discredit gold.  They are desperate, and they certainly don’t want people to flee out of paper and into gold and silver.

The fact is that we have had 12 straight years where gold price has finished positive, and certainly the Western central banks don’t want to see that type of action.  But how are Western central planners going to defeat the entire gold buying populace of China and India, as well as the rest of the Asian countries, when it is an intrinsic part of their culture (to buy physical gold)?

They are not looking at this as a means of investment or retirement.  Gold buying is literally ingrained in their culture.  As an example, there are a seemingly infinite amount of Indian families who would part with every other asset they have before they would ever touch their accumulated gold.  This is why Western central planners will be overrun and the Western paper scheme will collapse on itself.”

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