Eric King:  “John Embry talked about this all-in gamble from the central planners to smash the gold price.  Embry is right, this did blow-up in their faces.  How close are we to some kind of event that is going to send this in to some kind of a tailspin?”

Williams: “You have what is basically a perfect storm here because the biggest sellers of gold over the last 20 years have been the central banks.  Not only have you taken the biggest supply out of the market, but you’ve turned it into demand, and it’s captive demand....

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“The other thing to remember, and I think it’s very important, is back in the 1980s when we saw the original blowoff top as gold shot up to (over) $800, Asians didn’t have any money back then.  Asia was a poor continent.

... You (now) have had this smash down in paper, and all that has done is bring out this voracious demand for the physical metal.  This is amongst a group of people (Asians) that now have the money to do that (buy massive amounts of gold).

So you’ve got all of these buyers, and you’ve got the biggest supplier now turned demand.  We have a commodity here (gold), the supply of which increases about 2% each year.  Any time you get demand increasing more than supply, you are going to have a major problem on your hands if you are short the metal, and it feels like that’s the situation we are facing.

So I think John (Embry) is right, this has blown up in the faces of the guys who smashed the gold price down.  I don’t think they had any idea that we were going to see this kind of physical appetite.  And I think they underestimated, particularly here in Asia, the extraordinary (physical) demand. 

There were lines here in Singapore, and I had friends of mine go out all over Asia and take pictures of queues around the block in Macau, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and even places like Zurich and Australia where you wouldn’t normally expect that kind of behavior.

So there is pent-up demand for gold, and I think it’s an understanding of what gold represents and the the safety it provides in uncertain times, particularly when paper money is being created with abandon.  By driving the price down, they have just made it more attractive and they haven’t panicked anybody.

People that buy physical gold are not sellers.  They may be sellers at $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000.  So as all of the physical gold disappears into strong hands, it’s going to create an enormous amount of problems for the guys with paper claims.”

IMPORTANT - Part I of this absolutely stunning written interview series with Grant Williams has already been released.  Also, this write-up is only a small portion of what Williams had to say in his extraordinary audio interview.  He warned about the collapse of the fractional reserve gold system and much more.  The KWN audio interview with Grant Williams is available now and you can hear to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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Eric King

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