Barron:  “Right now I am focused on the gold price.  We are up over $100 off the lows on gold and silver has broken through $20.  All of this is thanks to Bernanke, who shot himself in the foot yet again with talk about tapering QE again.  This trashed the stock market briefly and had spectacularly chaotic consequences in the bond market as well....

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“Anyway, the net effect was this caused a tremendous amount of disruption in key markets and I think he was chastised for that.  So he came out with a speech and it was a complete turnaround from the FOMC minutes.  The 180 degree turn was, ‘all systems go, and keep the printing presses going.’

The action in the bond market was frightening to some of the participants because it was essentially crashing and interest rates were spiking.  This action was incredibly violent.  All of this type of trading was much more threatening to the Fed and to the economy than the gold or silver prices.  America is too weak economically to see interest rates spike, so they will have to make the bond market priority number one, and if that means gold and silver rise, to hell with it, they will let them rise.

But if the gold price gets firmly above $1,310, this will trigger a tidal wave of short covering in gold.  Gold will immediately surge into the $1,350 area and maybe even as high as $1,400, very quickly, on that wave of panicked short covering which will take place.  This short covering will really send the price of gold soaring if it gets momentum behind it, and KWN readers need to be aware of this. 

Right now the gold price is like a submerged beach ball.  At some point the shorts will lose control and the price of gold will come shooting back up to the $1,600 level.  There is so much aggressive buying of gold taking place around the world right now that it is almost mind-boggling. 

I’m in rural Montana right now and I was just in a coin shop.  The proprietor told me that no one is selling to him and everyone is buying.  I can guarantee you that this is what you are seeing around the world right now.  He let me know that it is taking a month for his buyers to get a box of silver eagles as an example.

He also told me that this is what small investors are doing right now to keep their savings intact -- buying physical silver.  Gold has already moved past their range and so some of them have been buying silver now for a very long time.  This guy just can’t keep the silver in the shop.  As soon as he gets it in the front door, the silver immediately goes out the back door to a buyer.  I promise you this will all end in a panic at some point for the shorts.”

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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