Eric King:  “With the Fed meeting taking place over the next two days, Stephen, what are your thoughts ahead of that?”

Leeb:  “Eric, I’m not sure what the Fed’s statement is going to be, but people are treating this quantitative easing as an all or nothing kind of thing.  The Fed is not going to eliminate quantitative easing....

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“At some point, and there may make hints of that, they may cut back a little bit, but the reality is the Fed has to continue to pour money into this economy.  If you look at median incomes, they have plunged for the average family since the beginning of the century.

When you look at oil prices bordering on $100 a barrel, that $100 level is a much, much harder hit than it was 5 or 6 years ago because median incomes are so much lower.  The only strong point we have in this economy is housing.  Is the Fed going to pull the rug out and watch everything collapse again?  No.  So I think the Fed eliminating QE is a false worry. 

When you look at something like the gold market, it’s just marking time right now.  I don’t see any downside in gold at this point.  Overnight there was some news that the Chinese are going forward and making progress with regards to introducing those ETF products that will hold gold in China.  The Chinese are still accumulating massive amounts of gold. 

So the flow of gold remains from West to East.  The Chinese are very much on target for a reserve currency in which gold is going to play a major role.  This means that things like oil, copper, etc, they are not going to be traded in US dollars forever. 

The US is going to continue to print plenty of dollars.  We’ve already printed $3.5 trillion.  Who knows how many more trillions will be printed?  At a certain point you are going to see the critical commodities of the world priced in gold or something that’s related to gold, like the Chinese yuan.  So we are on a path where gold is headed many times higher that what it’s priced at today. 

One quick point I would make:  This setback in gold that we had this year, this was really the result of desperation on the part of the West.  The BIS (Bank for International Settlements), the central bank of central banks, started the ball rolling at the beginning of the year when they refused to include gold as a liquidity buffer.  You’ve heard a lot of negative comments about gold since then, but, again, this is just desperation.

Yes, there will be continued acts of desperation, and for a while they might work.  This last desperate intervention created a sharp setback in the price of gold.  Now we are in the process of recovering and forming a base.  But the next move for gold is likely to be breathtaking.  It will be the start of the next major leg of the bull market in gold.

I see these oil prices creeping up, despite all of this fracking, and it feels almost certain that the days for the US dollar are numbered.  There is only one possible replacement and that has to be gold, Eric.  That’s the bottom line.  There is very little downside risk in this market, perhaps down to $1,320.  When you look at the upside, you can multiply gold by ten and that’s probably the ultimate price for gold.”

Eric King:  “What about silver for the silver bulls, Stephen?”

Leeb:  “The silver bulls have really been hit hard.  I understand how they must feel looking at silver trading not much above $20 an ounce.  But silver is going to be powered by two things:  One is its industrial demand, which is going to get an even larger push from solar voltaic technology and demand. 

In fact, I think in the next 3 or 4 years the biggest demand for silver will be in the energy market, even though investment demand will remain strong.  Silver was a currency before gold.  It’s easy for the common person to carry around silver as coinage.  Gold is too expensive to be practical, especially if I’m right that the gold price is going up 10-fold.

So silver is going to have a role as a monetary metal, and it’s also going to continue to have a major, major role as an industrial metal.  If gold is going to go up 10-fold (above $13,000), silver will go up at least 15-fold ($330).  The silver bulls just need to hang in there and continue accumulating.  As the price of gold soars, more and more people in China, India, and other parts of the world, will begin to pour money into physical silver.  This will have the effect of creating major disruptions in supply.

But this correction had to happen.  This is part of a big bull market.  You also had to have the West acting in a desperation fashion.  And if this is all they can do with all of their desperation, God help us.  The West is running out of ammunition, and once this bull market starts roaring to the upside, the West will have nothing left to put out the fire.”

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