Embry:  “I was absolutely outraged to be quite honest with the jobs report on Friday in the United States.  If you applied logic and actually looked at where these jobs were created, I don’t think there is any possible chance that those numbers are correct....

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“Most of it, in fact all of it came from the birth/death ratio which is this thing they cooked up back when the economy was expanding to capture job growth in small businesses.  And they are applying the same math today, but it’s not true.  I don’t believe that small businesses are adding jobs aggressively in the United States with what’s going on in the big picture.

Then I pick up the FT (Financial Times) on Saturday and big, screaming headlines:  US Jobs Report Eases Economy Fears, S&P Breaks 1,600, Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2008.  This is all garbage.  This is all just propaganda, trying to deny what’s going on in the world, and it’s going to end horribly.  The longer this goes on the worse the ending is going to be.”

Eric King:  “If somebody comes to you and says, ‘John, we’ve been in this for over a decade, the gold and silver shares, the physical metals, and I look at where things are now, I’m a bit discouraged, but I’m hanging in there.’  What do you say to a guy like that?”

Embry:  “Well, I’m not the least bit discouraged.  I’m angry because the powers that be are conducting an absolute scorched earth policy to try to destroy this sector in the eyes of the investor. 

And it’s working to some extent because people who don’t understand what’s happening and do not have the true conviction necessary when things like this are going on are going to get knocked out of the box at exactly the wrong time.  And that’s what’s happening.

The fact is there isn’t one single thing that’s happened in the big picture since gold was $1,900 at the end of August in 2011, that is remotely negative for gold.  I don’t care what aspect you look at.  It’s been an absolute takedown because the US is scared to death of losing its reserve currency status or seeing its currency get annihilated.

A guy that’s doing a a great job on your site talking about this is (Former US Treasury Official) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  His stuff is just spot on.”

Embry also added:  “Gold and silver are their (the central planners) worst nightmare.  The fact is they have to print unlimited quantities of money in every Western nation just to keep the thing from imploding.

Now if the gold and silver prices were correctly reacting to this, i.e. they were rising sharply in price as they should be, then the whole scam would be revealed for what it is.  Interest rates would start to rise precipitously and the thing would collapse.”

This write-up is only a small portion of what John Embry had to say in his extraordinary audio interview.  Embry spoke at length about the gold and silver markets, Europe, and what central planners are doing to avoid collapse. The KWN audio interview with John Embry is available now and you can hear to it by CLICKING HERE.   

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The audio interviews with John Embry, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Dr. Stephen Leeb, Bill Fleckenstein, Eric Sprott, Gerald Celente, Andrew Maguire and Nigel Farage are available now.  Also, be sure to hear the other recent KWN interviews which include Art Cashin, Marc Faber and Felix Zulauf by CLICKING HERE.

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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