Leeb:  “In addition to being focused on the gyrations in the gold and silver market and whether we have now successfully tested a bottom, the bigger picture is that the world remains a mess.  Yes, eventually all of the money that is floating out there is going to lead to inflation, but there are also a great many other problems that governments around the globe will have to contend with.

Clearly Europe is not out of trouble.  Spain, as an example, is literally ruling with fear.  Their government is staying in power by virtue of fear.  The public is scared that if they drop out of the euro all hell will break loose.  That’s what the government is telling them.  I don’t think the government of Spain can keep the populace at bay using fear for much longer....

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“You can only maintain 25% unemployment for so long.  But once something happens with the euro which shows a crack in solidarity, all hell will break loose.  Greece also has more than 25% unemployment.  These are countries that are in depression. 

If we look at the Middle-East, you have Russia sending missiles to protect Syria against blockades and no fly zones.  It also suggests that Russia will do the same for Iran.  Of course all of this has to do with oil.  Since 2007 the Russian economy has been a mess and it is in Russia’s best interest to keep the oil prices elevated.  Continued uncertainty in the Middle-East feeds into that objective.

While this may be bad news for the world, it’s certainly good news for gold.  Higher oil is good for gold, and so is continued economic uncertainty.  Right now the West is doing everything it can to keep gold from being recognized as a currency.  But as soon as gold becomes recognized as a currency, not just a de facto currency but a real currency, it’s game over for the US dollar.

So this is what the West is fighting.  Earlier today in your piece with Richard Russell he referred to a key level for gold.  If that level is breached on the upside, gold will have turned and it will begin to soar.  Well, I believe we are very near what may well be a century long, maybe even a double century long inflection point in these markets.  The days of the US dollar are numbered, as are the days of the other pure paper currencies.

I firmly believe there is going to be a ‘New World Economic Order.’  A great deal of gold is flowing from West to East.  Sixteen out of the last eighteen centuries China has had the strongest economy in the world.  The West had better wake up quickly or this major inflection point will crush the West. 

But in the meantime, no one in the mainstream media is speaking favorably about gold.  And forget the miners, they are not even mentioned.  But the only way to survive what is coming is to own physical gold and silver, and the move in gold and silver that is in front of us will be unlike anything people have seen in their lifetimes.”

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