Embry: “The violent takedown in gold and silver in April is still reverberating around the markets.  Underneath today’s smash in the metals, physical demand is asserting itself and I think we have a limited shelf life for the paper control of this market.

I firmly believe that in the end the paper gold market will be seen as one of the greatest Ponzi schemes of any era, and it will end very badly for anyone on the wrong side of the trade.  But I’m more focused on the fact that downside in gold and silver is extremely limited and the upside is staggering....

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“Savvy investors see gold and silver as hugely undervalued assets.  You can be months early in terms of positioning yourself, but in my opinion you can’t be late when this market turns or you are simply going to miss it.  Gold and silver can go that quickly.

The reality here is the Western central banks and the bullion banks are protecting what they view as their own interests.  The fact that they are colluding would, at least in my mind, be against the law, but the regulators don’t seem to care.

But as I said earlier it will all resolve itself because there are enough people in this world that realize that the paper money system is in its terminal state.  When that comes to an end, and I think it’s going to be sooner rather than later, gold and silver will truly assert themselves.  We’re not talking about gains of 50%.  We are talking multiples of the current gold and silver prices, and that includes the shares as well.”

Embry also added:  “I see these economic numbers coming out of China that don’t make any sense to me.  Then I look at the power consumption out of China and it’s literally collapsing.  And I look at these export/import numbers going through Hong Kong, but what Hong Kong is saying and what China is saying are so diametrically opposed that you really have to doubt the Chinese numbers.

If China is in trouble, and they very well could be, then there is absolutely no economic engine in the world at this point.  I have been a great proponent that the world is over-indebted, and that the ability of the global economy to grow organically is almost at zero.  So the world is going to face some hard times.  Either a debt clean out or some form of hyperinflation is going to take place before we finally get to the end of this catastrophic situation.

But investors in gold and silver need to keep the faith.  What we have witnessed has been a long campaign against gold and silver by the Western central planners, and particularly in terms of the shares, in order to drive the public out of the sector.

It hasn’t worked on the physical side of the gold and silver markets, and now you have the shares as cheap as they have ever been during this entire secular bull market in the metals.  So investors must maintain their positions and if people have additional capital to allocate to the sector, or they are looking to enter, now is a fantastic opportunity.”

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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