Stephen Leeb continues:

“That can only continue for a certain period of time.  After that period of time you will have what is known as the greatest short squeeze the world has ever seen (in gold).  It could be that China suddenly decides they have enough gold and come out and say, ‘The yuan is partially backed by gold.’ 

It could be any number of things but that catalyst is inevitable, it’s going to happen.  I see us closer to major changes.  A collapse of the current situation....

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“Yes, much closer to collapse today than it was two or three weeks ago before Cyprus. 

A lot of people aren’t buying this continued, quiet growth in Germany, and the US.  Turkey, for example, is importing increased amounts of gold.  You are going to see other countries outside of the eurozone importing more and more gold.

Bear in mind, it’s obviously in the interest of the leading economies in the West to keep gold under control because if gold suddenly shot-up here, what it would tell you is that we are on the verge of collapse.  There is no doubt about that at all.

If people see gold go up to $1,800, $1,900, which in my opinion is nothing compared to what you are going to see, they are going to say, ‘Something is really wrong with the West.’  That is one reason why you are going to see selling and pressure in gold. 

It’s kind of remarkable you haven’t seen gold break below those lows.  They are holding, and the reason they are holding is you do have countries out there that see the picture from a much broader term (perspective).  I’m talking about China, India, and all of these countries that are accumulating gold.  They see and they get it.  The West gets it too.  They don’t want this metal to go up.  A barometer for what’s wrong in the world right now, and it’s always been the best and most accurate barometer, is gold. 

So, you have this hideous situation in Cyprus, you have more evidence that austerity is causing massive pain to people, pain where they can’t get medicine in Greece, pain where they can’t get food or gas in Cyprus, etc, yet the barometer of pain is being kept artificially low (gold).  That can’t stand for very much longer.”

The extraordinary audio interview with Stephen Leeb is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE.  Leeb covers what is happening with Cyprus, gold, global markets and the move toward a collapse of the current financial system.

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The audio interviews with Stephen Leeb, John Maudin, Egon von Greyerz, Rick Rule, Bill Fleckenstein, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, Michael Pento, Nigel Farage, and Eric Sprott are available now.  Also, be sure to hear the other recent KWN interviews which include Marc Faber, Felix Zulauf and Art Cashin by CLICKING HERE.

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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