Eric King:  “If you are in the shoes of the central planners here, Jim, what are you executing today and why are you executing this?  For what purpose?”

Sinclair:  “I want the general financial public to accept ‘bail-ins’ as a valid method of approaching further banking problems, which I want to the public to believe will not occur.  In order to accomplish that, those items which trigger an alarm must be muted.

We live in an alarm-less society.  Since Bretton Woods we’ve removed every single economic crisis alarm in currency, bond, and in fact all of our key markets.... 

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“What would have been a crisis before Bretton Woods is today just another trading day.

The strategy of the central planners here, both medium- and long-term, is to never disturb the social order.  Everything must be done to make sure that both the general public and financial public remain confident that the markets represent their best interests. 

In order to make these giant changes which have been implemented, having a financial crisis would have worked significantly against that.  ‘The social order must never be disturbed’ is the primary marching order of the central planners.”

Eric King:  “This current operation in gold, when you look back on the history of the 12-year bull market, how important is this?”

Sinclair:  “The day that seems the worst is generally the last in any type of correction.  I think this week should wrap this (long corrective period) up. 

The purpose of those who maintain a general equities market, and let’s just say the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), part of what you would have in place is a Rally Protection Team (RPT) against anything that would indicate there is a possibility that all things are not as they should be.  By design they would want to stop a rally in anything that would indicate danger of all things not being well.

So as the PPT you have to keep your foot on gold in order to keep your hand constantly lifting underneath the Dow Jones.  It’s quite a balancing act for them and that’s why they are the best in the world at what they do.”

Sinclair also added:  “It is extremely important for people around the world to understand that if history has taught us one thing, it is that central planning has never, ever succeeded.  This group of central planners will fail as well.  They are designed to fail and they know it.  They are simply there to buy time before a new world currency is put in place.”

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