Barron: “I was just asked by one of the major brokerage houses in Toronto to give a presentation on what has taken place in the gold market.  Many people inside the firm simply could not understand what happened with gold.  I told them what we had just witnessed was an orchestrated takedown. 

If the Dow, Nasdaq, or the S&P had tumbled in the same manner as what the gold market experienced, there would have been trading curbs, enquiries would have been made, etc.  In contrast, all we saw in the gold futures market were more and more margin calls.  But what is cleaning up this mess right now is the enormous physical demand. 

We spoke last time on KWN about the tremendous demand at Scotia (Bank) in Canada and UBS in Switzerland, but the Japanese are coming in to the gold market in a shocking way right now....

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“One of my colleagues, who was in Tokyo, just told me there were stunning $500 premiums on one ounce American Gold Eagles, and there were none to be found anywhere in Tokyo.  So the Japanese were taking advantage of the price drop to buy seemingly everything available in terms of physical gold in the entire country. 

They were dumping their yen and other currency positions and putting massive amounts into physical gold.  This was happening as fast as the Japanese could do it, and they did not mind paying quite a premium for physical gold.  What we have seen around the world has literally been a run on physical gold.  People all over the world are simply turning in their fiat money for physical gold, and silver as well.

What we have seen recently was a manufactured, but complete capitulation in the gold market.  This may surprise KWN readers, but I firmly believe that gold will break to new all-time highs this year.  I also believe that we will continue to see a split between the paper market and the physical market, and it will be the physical market taking gold to new all-time highs.

There may be a paper market that trades virtually every second, but if you want real physical gold it is becoming harder and harder to come by.  This will just translate into people paying higher premiums for the physical metal.

I would also add that right now if you want brand new Silver American Eagles you are going to have to wait two months for them to be delivered.  So the retail physical market for the metals is on fire right now, and the same thing is true for the big money buying the 400 ounce fine gold bars as well.”

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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