Celente:  “Well, there are a lot of elements to it, and of course it was a tragedy.  But there is also another tragedy that’s not being talked about, and that is that they effectively declared Martial Law.

100 square miles around Boston, the Governor of Massachusetts issued a ‘Shelter-In-Place’ order on Friday....

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“So the day the American Revolution began was also a day in infamy as I see it, when they effectively declared a state of siege of Martial Law in Boston.

They went door to door, forcing people out of their homes, coming out with their hands up, and with no warrants.  They closed down Amtrak service between New York and Boston.  It was a lockdown of the entire city.  I bring this up because as we look at the global trends shaping the future, we see social breakdown throughout the world. 

There’s an article in this Trends Journal from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about what is going on in Europe and the breakdown.  He calls it, “Robber Barrons Are Stealing Pensions, Bank Deposits And Democracy.”  He details in chapter and verse what’s going on.

There was a recent article that came out about the amount of suicides and desperate moves people are making in desperation about what’s going on around the world.  You know my saying, ‘When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.’  And people are starting to lose it.

I believe the actions that were taken with police, military, and armored vehicles, 10,000 troops to go after a 19-year old kid in Boston, are the beginning of more to come.  So as societies breakdown you are going to see more and more Martial Law put in place to keep the people in place.

This is unprecedented, and it’s not making the news.  There is barely any outrage, barely any protests about what happened.  And I believe we are going to see more of that to come as the economies continue to decline.  The big story a couple of days ago, ‘World Finance Leaders Say growth Still Weak.’  We just saw the increased tensions at the G20 and IMF Meetings. 

There’s no solving these problems.  They can’t keep solving them with printing digital money.  And they can only beat down gold for so long.  They see the end game and it doesn’t look good.  So, again, there is more to come as societies break down.”

IMPORTANT - Within hours KWN has now released a significant portion of former US Treasury Official Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s brand new piece which was featured in the Spring Trends Journal.

The written portion above is just a small portion of the incredible interview Celente gave to King World News.  He gives KWN readers around the world a sneak peek look into the just released 40 page Spring Trends Journal.  Celente also discusses gold, what is taking place around the world, and future trends. The powerful KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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