Eric King:  “Give KWN readers an idea of what you see going forward once this bear phase runs its course.”

Rule:  “What KWN readers need to remember is the money that you make coming out of this bear phase, if you were aggressive at the bottom, is truly spectacular.  I have every confidence that if you and I are on the phone 3 or 4 years from now we will look back and say, ‘God, the spring of 2013 was the good old days.’

The money that you make coming out of these capitulation selloffs is truly astonishing.  The other thing that readers need to think about is the set of circumstances that we are in today....

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To hear which gold powerhouse has attracted BlackRock, JP Morgan, Van Eck & Sprott

Asset Management as major shareholders click on the logo below:

“They need to ask themselves if anything we are facing in the world today is any different than it was in 2010?

The only thing that has changed is that people’s attitudes have gone from aggression to fear, and the market expressed by junior (gold mining shares) is 70% cheaper.  Nothing else has changed, which I think is very interesting.”

Eric King:  “What are you doing with your own money, Rick?”

Rule:  “We allocated about $5 million to the market yesterday to juniors.  Ben Graham also famously said, ‘You shouldn’t buy a stock if you wouldn’t be delighted to see it fall 20% of 30% further in the next week so you can buy more cheaper.’

I’ve been tested by that at least 100 times in my career, Eric, and I’m probably going to be tested by it now.  But the truth is that it has done me well over time to exercise that discipline.  If you understand the absolute values of things relative to the expressed market values, buying extremely undervalued stocks works out well for investors, and that’s what I am trying to do.

I have to allocate customer money at Sprott Asset Management before I allocate my own money.  In the partnerships that I manage there is 9 figures of cash to invest.  I am the largest partner in those partnerships.  But in terms of what I am doing with my own personal money, which is not inside of those Sprott partnerships, to the extent that I invest in microcap stocks, I have to invest after those partnerships have had their fill, and those partnerships are still very, very hungry.”

Rule also added this stunning evidence regarding the extraordinary physical buying in gold from a friend of his over in Hong Kong:

“I've been taking this opportunity to stock up on some yellow metal.  Went to Hang Seng bullion counter yesterday.  The line was out the door.  It took an hour wait to see a teller.  When I asked if people were buying in the dip or selling in panic, she told me that they haven't had once ounce of gold sold back to them all day.  She told me they have sold more gold in 24 hrs than they normally do in 3 months.  Yes, there was a lot of extra security.  The guy in front of me bought over $1 million in gold.  He paid in cash and walked out of the door with the (gold) bullion in a nike bag. Amazing.”

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