Here is what Celente had to say:  “The new numbers came out over in Europe and Italy’s jobless rate jumps to record highs, and so it jumps throughout Europe.  Unemployment hits new records in the eurozone.  And you can come back home, personal income plummets in the United States.

The only thing that’s keeping this thing going is the central banks in Japan, China, Europe, and in the United States, printing all of this digital money, buying up worthless bonds, Treasuries, and other assets to keep the Ponzi scheme going....

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Eric King:  “Gerald, what do you see as the ‘next great trend’ going forward?”

Celente:  “It’s a breakdown of societies all over.  You look at what’s going on over in Greece.  We’re getting reports coming in that mercenary groups are going in there because a lot of the (Greek) military does not want to fight against the people.

People (in Greece) are sleeping out in the streets.  They’ve lost everything.  Suicide rates are off the charts.  When you look at what people are doing and how lost they are, that they are taking to the streets by the hundreds of thousands in Portugal (as an example).  By the way, these (protests) are happening spontaneously.

Again, going back to the Beppe Grillo model (in Italy), it’s the people’s movement.  So what they (central planners) are doing is they are preparing for (more) unrest.  Not only there (in Europe), but they are preparing for it in the United States as well.

When you see the legislation that has been passed such as the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act, it now allows the military to take over police duties.  That was the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act following the Civil War.  The military was everywhere (after that war until 1878).

So now the military can come back onto the streets.  They know that unrest is bubbling over everywhere.  It’s happening in Romania, Slovenia, and around the world.  The unemployment levels are hitting new highs.  People are going into poverty and losing everything.

And, again, the only thing holding it up is this cheap money.  Why aren’t gold and silver prices going up?  They should be.  Everyone knows that game is rigged.  I believe that the Federal Reserve and the other central banks are manipulating the prices to keep interest rates (artificially) low.

With interest rates this low it should be undermining the value of the US dollar and all of the other currencies.  Look at how thinly the gold markets are traded, and how easily they can be manipulated.  As I see it they need to keep the value of gold and silver down.  The Europeans and the Americans especially are keeping it (prices) low. 

But people will (eventually) wake up to the fact that the only reason why their economies are sputtering along at any level at all is because they have debased the currencies by pumping all of this money into the system.”

Celente also added:  “Yes, they (the Chinese) know they are holding onto all of these worthless US assets and they have to do something.  What they are also doing (by acquiring more physical gold) is they are strengthening their currency. 

It (the yuan) is going to become more and more of a traded currency.  China is in the business of business.  They want to see the United States lose its status as having the reserve currency.  In the meantime they are building up their gold treasury to support their yuan.

You remember when Nixon took us off of the gold standard, you read his words and you read the words of John Connally, who was the Treasury Secretary at the time, and they said that the United States was basing the reserve currency on the strength of the (US) economy.

Well, 1971 was a lot different than 2013.  We don’t have that strength anymore.  We have a $16.5 trillion deficit plus unfunded liabilities.  So the United States doesn’t have a  strong economy and there is no way they are going to be able to pay off this debt.  The only way I see it happening is by a (tremendous) debasement of the currency.”

Celente gives KWN listeners an exclusive sneak peak at his “next great trend” and what to expect going forward.  He also discusses gold, silver and much more. The KWN powerful audio interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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