Here is what Celente had to say in this exclusive interview:  “I see oil prices continuing to go up, even though demand appears to go down.  Everyone knows what it feels like when you put the nozzle in your gas tank and you see the numbers running at the pump.  That’s a very strong indicator also of consumer sentiment because they (consumers) feel it virtually every day.  If you look at the 12 month price chart of gasoline we found something very interesting.  In September it hit right near its high. 

And then from the September to the end of November, just before the Presidential election, it was a straight shot down.  Then, you look at it (oil) from the end of November to now in February, it’s a straight shot up.  So we’re not saying anything was manipulated, but this looks awful suspicious to me....

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“There is a currency war going on.  History is repeating itself.  People don’t realize what really happened during the ‘30s.  They hear the high school version of World War II.  What happened was in the early 1930s Japan took itself off of the gold standard and began to devalue its currency.

They wanted to devalue their currency so their products would be a lot cheaper.  They (Japan) devalued their currency to such a point that it fell over 60% against the dollar, and over 40% against the pound sterling.  Then you had trade wars heat up.  People hear the stories about how Japan was cut off from natural resources, and then you had World War II. 

You are seeing the same thing replay now.  We had the Panic of ’08.  We’re in a Great Depression.  When you look at numbers coming out from Shadowstats, you see that real unemployment is around 22% (in the US).  There is no economic recovery.  The only recovery that has been attained has been by pumping cheap money into the system. 

Now there are currency wars ... So what they are doing is pumping the system with cheap money.  The only difference I see now (vs the 1930s) is that China is Japan.  China has eclipsed the United States as the biggest trading nation.  That’s the enemy now.

So we see this evolving to a new World War, but it won’t be like the old wars.  This war is to be fought with drones, dirty bombs, and biological warfare.  And if the sociopaths and psychopaths keep taking us on the course we’re on, that’s our forecast (war).”

Celente also added:  “Let’s also look at Russia.  They added about 570 metric tons (of gold) over the last decade.  They see what’s going on.  We see gold only going up, but the price is being manipulated.  The more they debase the currencies, the more people are going to be bailing out of them.

If people see they are bailing out of currencies and going into gold, that will destroy the world economy even quicker.  I’m in gold for the long-run because when all else fails gold is golden, and silver as well.”

This is an extremely important interview with Celente because he gives KWN listeners an exclusive look at the alarming trends for 2013 and 2014.  Celente also discusses what to expect from gold and silver. The KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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