Eric King:  “Gerald, I wanted to ask you about this meeting you had with John Connally, the Former US Treasury Secretary, and former Governor of Texas at the time of the JFK assassination.  Can you talk about that?”

Celente:  “Yes, of course Connally was sitting in front of JFK (at the time of the assassination), and he took a bullet in the back.  In 1992 John Connally asked to meet me.  This was two weeks before the 1992 presidential election.  What happened, Eric, was in my book Trend Tracking, which I wrote in 1989, for some strange reason I identified Ross Perot because I was talking about how disgusted people were with the political system, and how there would be a new third party rising.  And I nailed it long before anybody was even thinking about it.

So Connally wanted to meet me.  I flew down to Dallas to have lunch with him on Sunday, October 25th.  One of the people I was with had arranged for John Connally and his wife to go back to the (Texas School) Book Depository, and John Connally was going to tell us what happened that day....

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Now this is the first time that Connally went back (to the Book Depository).  They had an opening for the museum, an inauguration in 1989, and he didn’t go.  So this was the first time back since the assassination. 

We were parked out front in this limousine and he began to tell the story of what happened that day.  Now when you see that (famous) window (where Lee Harvey Oswold fired shots from), and of course there is a photograph (below) of me, him and his wife Nelly with that (famous) window over our shoulders.  That’s on the side of the building (see below).

We were parked out front (at one point), and I was sitting in front of Connally in the limousine and he started telling the story of what happened that day.  And he said, ‘I heard a gunshot, and I looked over my right shoulder,’ and he pointed back over his shoulder to Dealey Plaza.  He (Connally) was looking toward the ‘Grassy Knoll,’ that’s where he heard the first shot.

He said, ‘I heard a gunshot.  I know it was a gunshot because I’ve been hunting since I’m a little boy.’  And then he showed how he was scrunched up in the jump seat (of the limousine).  He was wearing a dark blue suit and holding a Stetson hat on his knee (while he was recounting the events).  And he said, ‘I looked over to my left, and there were brains on my shoulder.’ 

He said, ‘I know they were brains because my daddy was a butcher.’  And then he went on to explain what happened, how there was a pounding on his back, and he clinched his fists and grimaced to show the pain that he felt (as he was shot). 

He explained how (his wife) Nellie threw herself on top of him and that is what actually saved his life because he said, ‘It took about 12 minutes to get to Parkland,’ (Hospital, where he and JFK were taken).  Nellie, of course, was hysterical lying on top of him.  But remember the bullet goes through his back (and lung), through his hand, through his knee, and he (Connally) goes flying forward and she’s lying on top of him. 

I guess there are no accidents.  There was a thoracic surgeon that was on break, and he saw the motorcade come screaming into Parkland Hospital and ran down to the emergency room.  And remember, he (Connally) has a lung wound, so he had a thoracic surgeon work on him.  What saved his life was the compression of Nellie lying on top of him, with his hand over the bullet wound.  He would have suffocated because the wound was so large (shot through the lung).  So that kept him alive.

I asked him, ‘How many gunshots were there?’  And Nellie, right away, said, ‘There were three.  There were three gunshots.’  Of course he claims he heard one coming from the right, which was that famous shot that was supposed to come from the Grassy Knoll.  And, again, this is a guy who said, ‘I’ve been hunting since I’m a little boy.’

I knew that he (Connally) was a dying man.  He died in June of that next year, in 1993.  I want to backtrack a little bit.  I didn’t like Connally, from what I knew about him, from what I read about him and heard about him.  And before we went to the Book Depository we had lunch at the Anatole Hotel.  And as he began to talk, the first emotion that captured me was embarrassment.  I was embarrassed at myself for prejudging someone I knew nothing about, and only had an inclination about through the media.

And as he was talking it was like every word was a sentence and every sentence was a paragraph.  It was one of those times when you said, ‘God, I wish I had a tape recorder.’  So I was very taken by what he said.  We’re going back into the Anatole Hotel and Connally looks at me and he said, ‘I read your book Trend Tracking.  It’s a fine piece of work.’ 

And he said, ‘I know your heart is in the right place, but you don’t have a clue what’s going on.  And neither do the American people, because if they did there would be a revolution in this country.’  That was an epiphany for me because I knew things weren’t right.  I was only in my 40s and it was a very different world back then.

The Cold War was over.  There was still optimism.  The Digital Revolution hadn’t even begun but it was in the air.  Now, as I look back some 21 years later, I can see that everything Connally said was true.  Connally was the guy who not only was the Governor (of Texas) when he got shot in the back in the assassination (of JFK), but he was also Treasury Secretary under Nixon.

Connally was the guy who told Nixon that the game was over, to pack up his bags and leave.  So this was a guy talking from the top.  He (when he spoke to me) drew the broad picture of the corruption that was going on and the deception and the lies.  He was disgusted with it all and you could see it in his face.  You could hear it in his words.  It was that our whole system was running out of control.  It was the general condition of criminality and immorality that was overtaking the government.

Again, he said to me in very clear language -- looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘You don’t have a clue what’s going on and neither do the American people because if they did there would be a revolution in this country.’”

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