Eric King:  “Gerald, any comment on JP Morgan and some other banks paying these large fines?”

Celente:  “This is unprecedented.  This is criminal activity that has ruined the lives of millions of people.  Not one head rolls.  I have to say to you, these fines are sizable.  And although these banks are coining money, and their profits are pretty good, this is hurting them.  This is one of the reasons I also believe there are going to be more and more restrictions put on people on how much they can withdraw, how much they can wire transfer, and their freedom to get their money when they want it....

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“When the panic happens, and the crisis comes down, you better think twice if you don’t have your money in your pocket (somewhere safe where you can access it).  How are you going to get it (when they institute strict capital controls)?  You are not going to get it from the banks.  Just take a look at Cyprus.  It happened before.  It will happen again.”

Eric King:  “Gerald, you brought up capital controls.  What do you see going forward on that (front)?

Celente:  “Again, Cyprus, to me, was the canary in the mineshaft.  They tried it out on a small country to see what the blowback would be, and (now) they know what it is.  Again, they could use a false flag or a real terrorist strike, whatever it might be, to close down the banks and give a reason why you can’t get your money out.

‘Don’t worry, you will be able to get it (your money) out when Wall Street reopens.’  That was the line of BS I got from Fleet Bank at the time (9/11), when I had quite a bit of money in there.  So, if there is a terror strike or something of that magnitude, and considering the fragility of the economy right now, they would (definitely) call a ‘Bank Holiday.’

Considering how fragile the economy is globally, if there is a massive terror strike, they will close down the banks.  Is this wild speculation?  Eric, they closed down 100 square miles around Boston to look for a 19-year old kid.  They stopped the trains from running between New York and Boston.  So, if something really big happens, something big will happen (banks will shut down and you will see ensuing capital controls).”

Celente added:  “You can see what’s going on worldwide.  ‘HSBC sees gold demand in Asia surging as inflation fans sales.’  Inflation keeps going up and so do sales of gold.  Again, going back to India, they are doing everything possible to restrict the inflow of gold into India, to artificially keep the price down, but inflation keeps going up.  It keeps going up around the world.

The only reason it doesn’t go up in the United States is because they lie about it.  ‘Let’s make an artificial inflation rate, keep it low, and pretend that everything is getting better.‘  Inflation is also going up in Japan.  So, in all of these countries around the world they know the story and they are buying gold.  I’m not saying it, HSBC is saying it, and they’re a bank. 

There are a lot of reasons, as I see it, for holding gold.  How are they going to rein in this cheap money?  They’re not.  They can’t.  And if they try, that will crash the real estate and financial markets, just as Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund is warning.  So, it’s all good for gold as I see it.”

IMPORTANT - The written portion above is just a small portion of this incredible interview with Celente.  He discusses gold, new trends, coming capital controls, and more new information which he has not discussed in any previous interview.  The KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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