Eric King:  “Earlier today we had Keith Barron discussing the ‘Great Inflation’ -- a technical hyperinflation in the fine art market (which is taking place).  Some of the (fine art) pieces have gained an astonishing 100% in just 6-to-8-months.  It’s stratospheric the prices those (fine art pieces) are going out the door (of auction houses) for.  But he said you see these things in anticipation of a coming ‘Great Inflation.’”

Pento:  “He’s exactly correct, Eric.  Inflation, as it is created through a central bank, always goes to the top 1% of individuals.  First, it goes to the major banks, and then it goes to the very, very rich.  However, what he is saying is a precursor to what’s going to occur for the overall inflation level of the economy....

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“First it goes into assets like stocks, bonds, real estate and art.  Then, it will go down to food and energy prices, which we already see creeping up, and then it goes into intractable inflation.  So we are headed there.  And let me interject this one comment:  I have written to media outlets to ask Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and other Fed presidents a question -- and we finally got an answer.  And your listeners (and readers) have to understand this.  

This is from the interview at CNBC:  “Does the Fed have a limit to its balance sheet?  Charlie, is there a limit?  You are headed towards $4 trillion.  Could it be $5 trillion?  Could it be $12 trillion?  What limits the size of the Fed’s balance sheet?”  And here is the answer from the Fed President Charles Evans, who happens to be simpatico with Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke: 

“Well, I think the Fed needs to do whatever is necessary to help meet our dual mandate objectives.  I don’t really think about it as far as limits are concerned because I think there is a tremendous amount of capacity.  We can go as long as necessary.” 

That’s not me saying it, that’s not King World News saying it.  That comes, as they say, ‘From the horses mouth.’  This is a watershed moment in the Fed’s history.  I’ve been saying it for many, many months, if not years, and you’ve been saying it on your network, Eric -- that the Fed’s QE program is without end.  It’s interminable.  And now we have the Federal Reserve admitting that there is no limit, no dollar amount restriction, as to how high they will take the Fed’s balance sheet.”

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