Eric King:  “Grant, we’ve had quite a bit of discussion recently on KWN about the West destroying itself, but I wonder if you sit back sometimes in Singapore and marvel at what the West is doing here?”

Williams:  “Yes, we do.  People in Asia are staggered at what’s happening in the West....

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“They are amazed at the prices on the Comex.  They don’t really understand them because they see what the gold price is supposed to be, and yet they go to the store and the price of gold is always higher.

So they don’t really understand what the West is doing, but they are very, very happy to pick up as much gold as they can, slowly and gradually, and then more aggressively into dips in the price.  And that’s going to continue, Eric.  That’s not going to stop.  It’s been that way for thousands of years and it’s not going to stop now.”

Eric King:  “Let’s talk about the end game here, Grant, and where you see us right now.”

Williams:  “Eric, if you take everything out of the equation -- take manipulation out of the equation, whether it be in bond or currency markets, or the gold market, and you just look at the numbers and the facts, it’s very, very clear that a lot of what’s going on is unsustainable.

The debt and unfunded liabilities are unsustainable.  A lot of the banks are insolvent.  Anyone who can actually step back and take a level-headed, cold, hard look at the numbers can see all of these things.  But at the moment it doesn’t matter. 

People are OK saying, ‘Let’s keep this charade going because the reality of it is too painful.’  But at some point you can’t pull the levers anymore, and you can’t move things around, and you can’t cover things up.  Ultimately, the numbers are going to matter, and when it comes down to pure, cold, simple mathematics, this is unsustainable. 

And when it all goes, I’m afraid it’s all going to go at once because the math is just going to fall like dominos.  And at that point, if you are not sitting there with some gold in your portfolio, all you have left, essentially, are paper assets, and they are going to be worth a lot less than you think they are.”

IMPORTANT - KWN will release interviews with Eric Sprott, Grant Williams & others all day today & this weekend.

IMPORTANT - This was an incredibly powerful interview with Williams.  The Singapore fund manager warned about the paper claims on gold and also spoke about why the price of gold and silver are very close to exploding higher.  The audio interview with Williams is available now and you can listen by CLICKING HERE.

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The audio interviews with Eric Sprott, Grant Williams, Rob Arnott, Andrew Maguire, Art Cashin, Egon von Greyerz, Bill Fleckenstein, David Stockman, Robin Griffiths, Jim Grant, William Kaye and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts are available now. Other recent KWN interviews include Marc Faber and Felix Zulauf to listen CLICKING HERE.

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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