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Ing:  “Washington kicking the can down the road doesn’t solve the debt problem.  Apparently this process has been so fun they are going to do it all over again, and the markets are getting pretty jaundiced about it.  But standing back, the fact is that the US debt is still escalating....

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“The US dollar remains weak at just over 80.  It did not rally on today’s news.  Meanwhile, in the gold market we have an option expiry on October 28th, and we know what usually happens ahead of those, especially given the dramatic drawdown in inventories on the Comex.  But my expectation is that we have seen the lows in both gold and silver.  I still feel quite confident of that.”

Eric King:  “Amazingly, the last time we spoke you predicted that gold could have a $25 dip at the most, and then gold would bounce back, and that’s exactly what we’ve seen so far.  What do you expect from here?”

Ing:  “There is the need for a dramatic rebound in the price of gold because we saw the 2,000+ contracts which were dumped on the market late last week.  My expectation is now that the $1,330 level represents a key area.  If gold breaks through that area on the rebound, that will solidify the fact that we have seen the bottom, and people will start coming into gold on the long side once again.

People forget, but we still have the European problems.  Their debt is also escalating.  So, we will see more recurring problems with debt financing in the eurozone.  For example, Spain managed to get off a 30-year note, but Italy and Greece still have some funds to raise.

Then, on this side of the Atlantic you have the push on Yellen to give some sort of indication as to here plans for quantitative easing.  But it certainly appears that QE will go into 2014 at any rate.  So, the markets, which were all set up for the ‘tapering,’ will now have to readjust, and this means a push upward for the gold market.”

Ing added:  “Of interest are the developments in China and India.  China and India will take up all of the Western world’s gold production this year.  Now, the Chinese have not been idle while the debt discussions have been unfolding.  As an example, the Chinese have recently signed a deal in the UK that allows for the renminbi to be converted into pounds.  This is something like 24 countries now which are now on board with China’s currency.  The bottom line is the Chinese are slowly and quietly making the renminbi convertible.

The next major move for the Chinese is they will allow for their big state-owned companies to buy other companies.  That’s a good way for them to unload their foreign exchange reserves, particularly dollar reserves.  When that happens, Eric, we will see the first competitive currency against the US dollar, which up to now has held the preeminent position as the world’s reserve currency since 1944.

This process by the Chinese to unseat the US dollar as the supreme currency has recently been accelerated because of concerns about the recent chaos in Washington.  You also have Russia now pushing for an alternative reserve currency.  So this international movement for an alternative reserve currency is now unfolding in a major way, and it will have incredibly dramatic ramifications for the United States in the future. 

But all of this is positive for gold because we are seeing an enormous pickup not only in Chinese consumption, and in bar premiums, but the same thing is happening in India as we now move into the seasonally high period for Indian consumption.

I would just add that 15 years ago the Chinese renminbi was not even on the radar screen of foreign currency traders.  Today it is one of the top ten currencies traded in the world, and the Chinese are quickly setting the stage for the renminbi to become the United States’ worst nightmare as they aggressively position their currency to eventually unseat the dollar from its position of global supremacy.”

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© 2013 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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