Embry:  “There is no rule of law in the United States anymore.  We have these corrupt central planners and they are trying to destroy people.  And when I say there is no rule of law, this is particularly true when it comes to financial markets....

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“And when I say they are trying to destroy people, I mean they are trying to destroy anyone who is attempting to intelligently invest as we enter the end game.

As an example, the CFTC recently scrapped their 5-year investigation into silver market manipulation.  But without a doubt, silver is the most manipulated market in the history of mankind.  It’s a tiny market, so it’s easy to push around in the paper market in order to suppress the price.

But once the CFTC, after allegedly looking into this for 5 years, just threw it aside and said it was the end of their investigation, this gave free license to the banksters to tee-off on these markets, and that’s exactly what’s been going on.

On Friday, they crushed gold during the early morning trading as they sold 18,000 contracts in just a few minutes.  This obviously served to drive the price of gold down sharply.  That’s not price discovery -- that’s just blatant manipulation.  But as Andrew Maguire pointed out, all this is doing is helping to facilitate those entities in the East who recognize what the end game will be, and they are just buying more and more physical gold.

I’m sure the Russians, the Chinese, and other Asian countries are availing themselves of the opportunity to buy gold at these preposterously low price levels.  So, my message to KWN readers around the world is don’t panic.  In fact, if you have overpriced assets, sell them and buy even more physical gold and silver. 

By doing this people will literally be buying with the smart money -- the Chinese, Russians, Indians, and a host of other Eastern countries.  As Jim Grant told KWN, ‘It’s an investment in monetary disorder.  And what we have now certainly are the makings of a very, very important chapter in the history of monetary disorder.’”  

“Eric King:  “You made the statement, ‘There is no rule of law in the United States anymore.’  When you relate this to the end game, and the increased desperation of the West, where does that leave us?”

Embry:  “That’s an excellent question because I just happened to be having a conversation with James Turk earlier today and he made a fascinating comment.  He said, ‘The vast majority of the people in the West don’t appreciate the extent of the decline that the West is experiencing.’

To me it’s so apparent what’s unfolding, but because most people don’t want to confront something which there is no easy answer to, they just stick their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that the West is in serious decline.  As a committed Westerner, and as a guy who was born in the United States and who has loved the country all of his life, I find this whole situation to be incredibly tragic.  I find watching this whole collapse unfold to be one of the most difficult things I’ve had to experience in my entire life.

People will ask themselves, ‘What is the end game in the mind of the central planners?’  If aliens were looking down at us, they would think the Earthlings had gone mad.  But things are just going to get worse and worse.  Tragically, I thought Art Cashin’s interview about eventual hyperinflation was spot on.  God help us all.”

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