Barron:  “The whole world is balanced on the edge of a knife.  All central planner activity is geared toward inflation, end eventually inflation is going to soar.  The massive QE has already created enormous bubbles all over the world.

Of course these bubbles will eventually have to be unwound.  The central planners throwing money at the world’s problems has not solved anything.  In fact, it has created major dislocations in the global economy which will have to be painfully rebalanced over time.

There is a great deal of rot in the system.  This doesn’t mean the system has to implode in the next year or two, but there is no question that the quality of life will be deteriorating for the vast majority of Americans -- to the point of the US becoming a second world and then eventually a third world country....

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To hear which company legendary Keith Barron founded, personally

invested millions into, and is poised to become

a uranium superpower click on the logo:

“America will be eclipsed as the world’s greatest superpower.  This is something that we have seen in past world history.  The torch will be passed along to the next superpower, China, even if it is done kicking and screaming.”

Eric King:  “How bad will the coming collapse be when the unwind starts to happen?”

Barron:  “As I’ve told you before, I have lived all over the world in 18 different countries, some as they began to implode.  What shocks the people is how quickly things can flip.  One day everything seems to be alright, and the next day there is panic.

One day the US will start to see inflation pick up, and then inflation will start to take on a life of its own.  As store owners start to anticipate the inflation, they begin marking up their prices in anticipation.  Prices change week-to-week, and eventually day-to-day.  This is how the panic begins.  Inflation then begins to really surge.  We will see a lot of changes as prices begin to soar, but most importantly people’s quality of life will be deteriorating.”

Eric King:  “Can you give your firsthand account of what happens as things begin to implode?”

Barron:  “Just to give you an example of one problem I faced, sometimes it depended on what currency you were being paid in.  If you were being paid offshore, things were fine, but if you were being paid in local currency, then things became a real mess.

I saw a lot of working class and middle class people who were in tragic situations almost overnight.  I remember being in Brazil in 1991.  There was a university professor who was a friend of mine, and he hadn’t been paid in 4 months.  He just hadn’t received any type of salary.

Fortunately he had the ability to take a half interest in a local bakery.  He was getting up at 4 AM in the morning to bake bread in order to survive.  I’ll never forget what he said to me, “The reason I am doing this is because everyone will always need bread.”  That is very true.  So he was essentially producing something that he could sell in order to survive.

The story I just told to you about how my friend survived is a pleasant one I can assure you.  There are many more people who were less fortunate.  KWN readers around the world have no idea how bad things can get and what people some people will have to do in order to survive the coming chaos.

I was astonished at a 25 year old female entrepreneur I ran into who had her own ‘Rent A Wreck‘ company going.  This was not like the American company.  These really were wrecks.  These vehicles had been in very serious accidents and were not even road-worthy.

She had a collection of 7 or 8 of these vehicles that she was renting out to the locals because these people couldn’t afford to buy a safe car.  They couldn’t even get credit to buy a car.  So she would rent, for a few dollars a day, one of these wrecks to these locals.  This is how this woman survived.  People get creative, and this is the kind of thing they do to survive and make it through that type of chaos.”

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