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“The functioning of a computer is a beautiful thing when compared to our ever-changing world.  It dutifully performs whatever task is required of it.  There is no good or bad task to a computer, just tasks.  A key part of the programmer’s job is to instruct the computer to do the good tasks as desired. 

Another critical aspect is to anticipate every conceivable keystroke combination that could trigger a bad task that the computer would follow as instructed.  Failure to allow such unintended keystroke combinations often would result in what used to be humorously called BSD, the “Blue Screen of Death”....

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“If you were lucky, the dreaded BSD would only require a reboot of the computer.  If not, the computer could perform an endless variety of unintended actions resulting in unpleasant consequences and chaos for the user.  To programmers, it is called “spaghetti code”, and summed up as “pilot error”.  The computer and the user went off the cliff together.

There were coders before computers.  They were called law makers.  In the beginning, the code was simple.  We had Hammurabi’s Code, the Ten Commandments, the Roman 12 Tables.  Genghis Khan created the first “Three Strikes” rule.  There was no need for a fourth strike.  The third was final.  The rules were few in number and transparent to most.

The framers of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights created a work of art.  Well versed in history, they employed a design that was simple and straightforward.  It was the finest attempt in human history to create a system of rules that were few in number, transparent to all, and built upon the wisdom and mistakes of civilizations that had come before them.  The Founders recognized that they could not predict the future, so they incorporated provisions for orderly changes when necessary.  It was not perfect, but it was the best design humanity had ever put forward.

In computer terminology, they knew their design could not anticipate every possible future “keystroke” for humanity.  As unintended consequences arose in the future, it required transparency, functioning market economies, educated voters, an unbiased legal system understood by most and a moral fabric to provide the glue for all of the above.  The spaghetti coders of our time continue to take us further and further away from these precursors of wealth creation for all and a civil society.

As we anxiously await the results of the “Fiscal Cliff” drama, it is important to acknowledge that this is only one of the many cliffs over which we have fallen.  We have lost transparency through high-frequency trading, faulty economic statistics and dark pools.  We no longer have functioning markets to allocate capital and to provide price discovery.  We have destroyed our education system. Morality is under attack, and the laws of the land have grown by the tens of thousands.  The rule of law is applied whimsically, and the legal system is understood by nobody.

The current debate about the Fiscal Cliff is a distraction.  What this really is about is the Spending Cliff.  The debt ceiling debate is not about capping debt, it is about capping spending.  It is apparent that almost nobody wants to do that.  No solution can exist under that circumstance.  We can only go back to our daily lives and await the moment when the system collapses in on itself.  The history and mathematics are irrefutable.

The West went over the spending cliff decades ago.  An economic and financial “Blue Screen of Death” lies in waiting.  The only question is what triggers it and the timing.  Attempting to answer those two questions is trying to figure out what an improperly programmed computer could do given the wrong set of keystrokes.  It is an impossible task. 

So what investors need to do is focus on the appropriate asset allocation for the present and what opportunities will arise on the other side of this mess.  Is this negative?  No.  It is just the facts.  Most people try very hard to ignore and shun the reality that surrounds them.  Those who want a fighting chance at surviving and prospering through the coming maelstrom must focus on the real assets that we and others have been highlighting for consideration, gold and silver in particular.”

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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