John Embry continues:

“The day will come, an inflection point, when there isn’t enough physical metal left, and that is when prices are going to rise exponentially.  Right now the fundamentals are incredibly supportive and the sentiment is extremely negative.

So I don’t see many negatives in the story.  It’s just the timing of the move that’s driving people crazy....

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“If you look at Friday’s action in gold, there was no reason for gold to plummet like a stone, but it did.  Ever since gold moved above $1,750, the manipulators have been working on the price daily.  It’s ridiculous because they are operating contrary to the fundamentals and eventually it’s going to come back and bite them.

If we take a look at silver specifically, it’s an absolute layup for multiples of the current price.  I find it funny that people worry about the short-term downside.  We are talking about a buck or two, maybe, and we’re talking about hundreds of dollars on the upside.

To me it’s just astounding, looking at the risk/reward ratio, why anybody is the least bit concerned about what’s going on short-term.  Right now there is an obvious shortage of physical silver developing.  I’ve seen nothing to dispute the fact that physical silver inventories are extremely tight.”

Embry had this to say regarding the Japanese:  “Look at what’s going on in Japan.  For years the Japanese have run up debt and they could get away with it because they had big savings, a trade surplus, and competitive industries.  But now everything is falling apart for them. 

Prime Minister Abe and his new Finance Minister Aso have been blatantly outspoken in saying that the only remedy for the debt is monetary debasement of historic proportions in order to drive the currency lower.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world is doing the same thing.  To me this is just additional fuel to supercharge the precious metals higher, and in this case it’s overpoweringly strong because it will mean the Japanese will be moving into gold in a very big way.

Egon von Greyerz has stated there may be as much as $200 trillion worth of debt in the world.  Superimposed on that is a derivatives pile that if correctly accounted for would be well over $1 quadrillion of notional value.  When you think about that, it can’t possibly be repaid or even serviced as we go forward.  So the only option is to print more money in order to give the impression the financial system is holding together.

When you look at the propaganda that came out of the Fed ten days ago when they released their minutes, it was preposterous.  The Fed was just worried about the direction of things and so they essentially came out with a false statement, which they most assuredly won’t live up to. 

The reality is we will continue to see ‘QE to infinity’ as Sinclair said.  I mean we seemed to see a great relief after the fiscal cliff was postponed.  They kicked the can down the road a month and a half, and it just shows how desperate people are for supposedly good news.

That wasn’t good news at all.  It basically solved nothing, and yet it was greeted with an enormous amount of relief.  It’s ridiculous.”

Embry also added: “As a Westerner, it really depresses me to think that all of our gold is headed East, and our standard of living is headed South.  That’s the only reason I can think of that means being old isn’t a bad idea.”

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