Jean-Marie Eveillard continues:

“There does have to be the realization that the hope of an economic recovery in the Western world will end up being a delusion.  Investors and authorities who believe there will be a recovery are deluding themselves.  But hey, hope springs eternal. 

There is the continued stimulus being provided by the Federal Reserve, and of course some of that newly printed money ends up in the equity markets....

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“This makes investors feel like the economic situation is turning around, even though that’s not the case.

From a bigger picture perspective this is just a cycle that changes every now and then.  Up until World War I it was the British economy which was the most powerful in the world.  If you go back several centuries it was the Chinese economy that was powerful.

After World War I it was the American economy which rose to center stage, and after World War II, it was even more obvious the American economy was the powerhouse of the world.  So the cycle is changing once again.

Now we see the economic power heading East once again, this time to India and China.  Those two countries have much less debt, and they have tens of millions of citizens moving to middle-class status.  So they are the future.  This is not all that shocking from a historical perspective because it happens every few generations.

This does not mean, Eric, that there will be no investment opportunities in the US, Europe or Japan.  There will continue to be some, but one will have to keep in mind that the future is elsewhere.”

Eveillard also added:  “Right now, every time there is concern about the system investors flee to what they perceive as the safety of key bond markets in the US, Europe and Japan.  But there is too much public debt in the US, Japan, and even in Europe as a whole.  There is even the potential for a eurozone breakup.  Once the authorities run out of room to kick the can down the road, then there will be a big problem.  As I said, maybe there will even be a eurozone breakup. 

So investors need to understand that the reality is the pure paper money system is slowly unraveling, and the only genuine safe haven for investors is gold, which has been money for thousands of years.  The world has gone through tough cycles many times, and today, as it was back then, gold is the ultimate asset for wealth preservation.” 

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rewritten, or redistributed.  However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged.

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