Bill Haynes continues:

“Mallaby congratulated Bernanke for his massive money creation in 2008, and said the market needs more of the same.  But Mallaby criticized Bernanke for buying only Treasury bills today, noting that in 2008/2009 the Fed bought ‘toxic securities.’  He also said that the Fed backstopped the money market funds.  It was an aggressive move.  It was the type of thing they expected the Fed to do, but that’s not what’s going on now.   

You don’t get any more establishment than the Council on Foreign Relations, and these people are (now) saying that the Fed needs to do something (more QE)....

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Dan Norcini noted this stunning development in the silver market:  “One of the things I’ve noted here is the hedge fund outright short positions, we’re just talking about the number of outright short positions that the hedge funds have in the silver market, it is the largest position that I’ve got on my records going back to the beginning of 2007.

We’re talking about a five and a half year period.  What this shows you is that the hedge funds have been making some pretty decent size bets on the short side of silver.  And, again, if they get caught on the wrong side of that market, and all of the sudden you get a round of QE coming, you are going to have an awful lot of potential for some (big) buying in (that market) because all of those shorts are going to head to the exits at the same time. 

(This will also) bring in some new money on the long side of the market.  If that’s the case, you’ll see upside resistance levels on silver get violated very quickly (because of the short squeeze).”

Norcini had this to say about hedge fund problems in the gold market: “The hedge fund community, which is the driver of markets in today’s trading environment, hedge funds move these markets, it’s just that simple, and those guys had been betting against gold.  They had their smallest net long position going all the way back to the middle of December of 2008.  We are talking about a three and a half year period here, Eric.

Many of them were playing gold from the short side of the market, looking for a breakdown.  What happened was Draghi caught all of them off guard.  These short positions that were trying to push this market down, into what was considered Asian buying below the market, those shorts had nowhere to go when Draghi came out with his comments, so out they went.

Their buying took it up through $1,600.  What the COT report is showing us is that the swap dealers, again, those strong hands we had been mentioning the last two weeks, they continue to build a net long position in the gold market.  The swap dealers are net longs, the hedge funds had a small net long position after putting on some fresh shorts, the commercials, the big bullion banks, had a relatively small net short position by (historical) comparison. 

So all of the ingredients are in place if you get an upside violation of any technical resistance level.  You’ve got a lot of potential (upside) movement as these guys decide to come back into this gold market.  In other words, there is a type of vacuum (to the upside) that could be filled if big money starts committing to gold in a hurry again.

We will certainly get that if gold takes out $1,640 next week, and particularly if you start taking out some more upside resistance levels.  You’ve got an awful lot of shorts that are in trouble in that gold market.”

This was just a small portion of the type of critical information which is covered each week in the KWN Weekly Metals Wrap with Bill Haynes and Dan Norcini.  To hear a continuation of this conversation, you can listen to the entire interview by CLICKING HERE.

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