Gerald Celente continues:

If you give a man a gun, he can rob a bank.  But if you give a bank to people like Barclays, Robert Diamond, Goldman Sachs, Lloyd ‘I’m doing God’s work’ Blankfein, or JP Morgan’s ‘It’s a tempest in a teapot that $2 billion loss’ Dimon, they can rob the world.

That’s right, one man with a gun robs a bank, but a few guys with banks rob the world.  No one has ever seen anything like this in world history....

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“Let’s look at what’s going on, let’s go over to Europe.  The last time I was on your show, those great European leaders met and they came up with a great plan to bailout the European banks and save the European continent from the sovereign debt crisis.

What happened?  The equity markets took off.  They bounced like crazy.  Spanish bond yields fell, but now they are back above 7%.  Why?  Because there’s no saving it.  It wasn’t about bailing out the Spanish, Greek, Irish or Portuguese banks.

You know who they are bailing out?  They are bailing out Dexia, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Societe General, that’s who they are bailing out.  They are buffaloing everybody by telling them they are bailing out these other nation’s banks.

All they are doing is forcing the people in those countries, with the so-called austerity measures, to rape them by privatizing all of the great and valuable public assets and giving it to the big banks.

Look, when I talk about the greatest bank robbery in world history, look at the Libor scandal.  Those are the people that set all of the rates artificially, and then bet on them, as we are finding out with Barclays and some twenty other banks that were in on the scheme.

Now the news, of course, is the Federal Reserve knew about it back in 2007 and 2008, and so did the Bank of England.  But who cares?  It’s a criminal operation.  They can do anything they want.

The game is rigged.  It’s rigged in front of everybody’s eyes.  So they rigged the interest rate game.  All of the banks are making money with this scheme that’s going on.  Whether the markets go up, whether they go down, whether there are failures, the money junkies keep making their money.”

Celente also added: “Everybody better understand you are on your own and you better protect yourself and your family.  Society is unraveling in front of us.  There is more and more chaos every day.  People are losing their minds.”

Celente had this to say regarding gold:  “I’m in gold for the long haul.  Gold is going up today because the European debt crisis is back in the news and the economic data coming out of the United States stinks.  Now they are talking about QE3.  QE3, more like flooding the markets with cheap money.”

The above was just a small portion of Celente’s powerful interview.  This is an extremely important interview with Celente because he gives KWN listeners globally an exclusive sneak peak at his upcoming Summer Trends Journal. The KWN interview with Gerald Celente is available now and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE. 

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